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    My son is currently in a homeschool co-op that uses BJU curriculum for Math and the app for the development of immediate recall of math facts.  He does well in math and grasps most concepts easily.  However, he has had significant trouble learning his beginning subtraction facts (0-10 families).  We drill flash cards, worksheets, spent a good bit of time using math cubes, online games to reinforce but he is still struggling with about 15% of those facts.  He has to pause and calculate.  He followed the second grade material all through this year and learned addition and subtraction facts through 20, as well as place value, comparing values, money, renaming, carrying over, etc. and he did well with all of those things.  But I didn’t make him memorize any of the new math facts because he hadn’t completely gotten the beginning facts down.  I don’t want to move him forward in BJU math because the third grade material begins with multiplication.  Technically, according to BJU standards, he is about a year behind in his math.

    We won’t be involved in the co-op next year and I’m switching fully over to CM.  But I’m curious what do in regards to his math studies.  I looked at the CM Book 1 kit and it looked a bit basic for him.  I had trouble finding an equal amount of info on the CM Book 2 kit.  I read over some forum discussions and found where older students who had switched from formal curriculum to CM were encouraged to start over in Book 1.  I was a little unsure about this.  I also have a K5 student who will be starting with that kit this year so I imagine it wouldn’t be hard to teach them together but I suspect that my son will move ahead quickly.  Ideas, anyone??


    Tamara Bell

    Hi Rachel,

    We do not expect students to have math facts memorized in the early years. Through repetitions, they will generally get them as they make discoveries through mathematics themself.  Our books include 2 ribbon bookmarks to help families utilize the resource for multiple children.

    That said, we encourage families to download the sample of Book 2 and use the review as a placement guide.  If he knows all of most of the problems, he should be ok using Book 2.


    Oh wow!  What a relief! He doesn’t have to have them all memorized! I looked over the review as you suggested and kept on reading about tables and how to use them.  It was such a refreshing take on math!  I’ve never seen it presented in such a way and I think it will really resonate with my son.  I feel very comfortable in switching over to SCM Math.  And just want to thank and encourage you for all the work that goes into creating a publishing so many incredible resources.  I cannot express what a help it is to me as a mom and to my family.  You are impacting the generations in what you do!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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