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    I am just wondering how many of you use Swedish Drill? If so, how you have you implemented it? I like the concepts behind it, especially that students have to give their attention and have perfect execution. However, I am not sure that I would be able to consistently implement it with the Teacher book that is online for free. Any thoughts? If you do not use Swedish Drill, what else do you use for physical education? I know that my kids play a lot outside, but I am looking for something more. Thanks!

    Renee Gould


    We have a small co-op and just implemented this year.  One of our moms went to CM retreat and really felt called to start with our group.  So, we do once a week and the kids really love it.  It is my daughters favorite.:-)

    I am going to send our mom an email to see exactly what she uses to implement.  I will get back to you!




    Wonderful! I would love any resources!


    I would love to know what resource the lady doing the co-op uses also.  I would really like to implement Swedish Drill into our routine.


    I have not implemented it.  However, Afterthoughts blog is running a series teaching moms how to implement it in their homes.  http://afterthoughtsblog.net/2016/10/swedish-drill-part-4.html   This might offer some insight into how to do it correctly.   You can pull out the Sweedish Drill posts from this index as well: http://afterthoughtsblog.net/tag/physical-education.   Hope that is helpful.  There is a lot of wisdom here but I am just not able to wrap my brain around it right now.



    We have not used Swedish Drill, but we attend a co-op, so my oldest daughter plays dodgeball with them.  She also has taken worship dance and ballroom dance through this co-op.  She and DD18 have used youtube videos to do workouts at home.

    Both of my daughters were taking swimming lessons and were on swim team in years past.  We also hike in the woodsy metroparks system near us periodically.  In the past, we have also used a rebounder at home from time to time, and both of them ride their bikes sometimes.

    I don’t keep track of all of this rigorously since I have always felt they are fairly fit and active.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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