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    We school a traditional school year – Sept. – June. However, I have learned from past experience that too “free” of a summer is a recipe for disaster. Now, my 9th grader will have some Spanish to finish up – as we started late on that (my fault, not his) and math as it was a struggle this year.

    I am considering keeping the others going on to the next math book so they don’t lose steam. But only a few times a week. They will continue reading free reading selections. Of course they will still practice instruments and have occasional music lessons. Does anyone schedule the time your children must wake up, do chores, and any required things in the summer/off months? Just wondering how to do it and what is realistic while still giving them “masterly inactivity” time. We have 2 vacations planned, but other than that it is pool days and projects.

    Any thoughts/advice?


    Our summer schedule is something like this:

    Reading – I have living books that I assign to them based on their interests and what we may have not had time to get to during the year.

    Math – they each work on a little math each day, usually less than half of what they would during the school year (so, for example, my 11YO does about 30 minutes of math each day during the school year. During the summer he’ll do 10-15 minutes of math each day).

    Music/Language/Nature Journal – 2-3x/week

    Some brief family items – we continue our Scripture memory work, and may read a book together during the summer. At bedtime DH continues with literature readings.

    Typing it out it sounds like a lot, but it is really about 30 minutes in the morning after chores/breakfast are done.


    Our summer schedule includes about 1 1/2-2 hours of daily study. I allow 2 1/2 hours in case we start later, feel lazy, or have a gardening/canning task that would be better completed in the earlier part of the day. We continue to focus on the 3 R’s in order to build up those areas. It makes independent learning sturdier each year during our full blown schedule times. Our days alternate similar to a CM style with fewer subjects. 

    The weekends are fun, restful days, but still include some study. It just works for us at this point. 

    If I could show you what’s involved, you’d be shocked at the simplicity. 🙂

    6yod’s routine:

    S- review 4 spelling words, complete math lesson, practice typing, exercise, read, play a word game, and a computer game. Takes maybe and hour and a few minutes. We do this at some point in the afternoon. Don’t fret of we don’t do any of it on Sundays. 

    M-Th we study approx. 9:30-12. 

    M- review 4 spelling words, math lesson, exercise, legos, clean up, primary language lesson, French

    T- review 4 words, math, typing, exercise, read, handwriting, French

    W- 4 words, math, exercise, farm toys, clean up, PLL, French

    T- 4 words, math, typing, exercise, read, handwriting, French

    Fridays and Saturdays we study early to have the rest of the day for preparing and resting. 

    F- 4 words, math, ex, dolls, clean up, PLL, French

    S- 4 words, math, typing, read, word game

    13yos’s routine:

    S- math, spelling review, read, exercise, typing, word game, word roots

    M- math, spelling, exercise, diagram one sentence, edit passage for capitals, cursive practice, French

    T- math, spelling, read, exercise, typing, diagram, French

    W- math, spelling, exercise, diagram, edit passage for spelling errors, cursive, French

    Th- math, spelling, read, ex, type, diagram, French

    F- math, spelling, ex, diagram, edit for punctuation, cursive, French 

    S- math, spelling, read, ex, type, word game, computer game

    Maximum if any dawdling has been 2 hours on week days. Usually much less. He is highly motivated to finish and have the rest of the day for outside projects, gardening, etc. He’s made huge strides in the 3 R’s in just three weeks. Without all the extras, he has more focus due to a shorter to-do list. He’ll be well prepared for more difficult studies in the fall in the other subject areas. 

    I approached our son with this routine by discussing hours in a day. With 21 1/2-22 hours to sleep, eat, and enjoy life, he was more than willing to continue with a small amount of structured time. He can see how it’s equipping him for more success in the fall. Our daughter craves learning and would be lost without it each day. She organizes library books and tells her dolls, bears, and puppies stories we are reading aloud together, or reviews Scripture with them. Awesome Homeschool mom in the making!  ;0)

    I haven’t found it to be unreasonable to have structure during the summer. I’ve found that it brings strength to our children and seems to be a habit that helps us make an easier transition to much more in the fall. 




    What are reasonable times for bed and waking in the summer? My children’s ages and their current times are:

    15-sleep 9:30;wake 7:00

    13-sleep 9:00;wake 7:30

    10-sleep 8:30;wake 7:30

    5- sleep 8:00;wake 7:30

    this is school nights and a perfect world which doesn’t always happen.

    Wondering if I should leave well enough alone, change it for the summer, or just go with whatever works for that particular day as summer is more fluid in what the days and evenings bring.


    I feel like I have always had a good handle on the school year schedule and a very poor handle on the summer schedule.  Looking to change that this year while still allowing them to feel like it is summer and to enjoy as much as possible.


    My 16yo is asleep around 10

    My 13yo is asleep around 9:30

    My 7yos are asleep around 8:00 during the winter, 8:30 during the summer.

    My two older ones wake 6:45-7:00 during the school week and the younger ones between 7:00 and 7:30. During the weekend my 16yo sleeps until 9:00 when I wake him and my 13yo sleeps until about 8:00 usually.

    Summer is definitely more fluid here, though. I’m not sure how to handle my older children’s wanting to sleep in during the summer yet. (They go to public school during the school year so dictates when they get up in the morning.)

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