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    I am interested in feedback from other parents about how they plan their summers. My son will continue guitar, start a weekly group lesson of golf and do one week of basketball camp.  Otherwise, we plan to spend plenty of time reading, studying God’s word, at the pool, beach and waterpark.  Mine does best with a schedule but I am trying to keep it light with some daily reading, practicing guitar and a few other things.  Any words of wisdom, suggestions, etc?


    My suggestion is have fun! The times spent having fun as a family are what I look back on the most fondly.

    Academically all we have planned is reading. My girls (16 in July) are avid readers. That comes naturally. We visit the library every week. My girls also attend a week long volleyball camp through a local homeschooling group.

    Fun…the beach, Knott’s Berry Farm (amusement park…we are pass holders), Sea World (we are pass holders), friends over, going to friends houses, some gardening, a couple of family vacations (one to San Clemente beach and the other to La Jolla).

    I personally am in a summer book club through our church that meets every Thursday morning and co-lead a 2nd book club that meets in home every other Wed. evening. So yes…reading. 🙂


    I have not been around enough to know the ages of all your children. It looks like a great plan to me.


    Typically when my children were young we would still do read alouds, go camping, biking, hiking, and they usually naturally read except for DC 3 who has dyslexia. We continued to work through the summer even if only an hour or two in the morning depending on his age.

    Now they are all older and they all have jobs. The two teens who have not graduated are working through summer. One with dyslexia that does better with less school per day so we keep it going year round with very short breaks here and there. The youngest felt too busy this spring and found his German class difficult so he asked to drop math until summer. So he works on his Algebra and German everyday now but it was his choice.


    I am hoping to be more intentional about our time this summer without losing the “break” aspect.  My kids are 12, 14, 17 and would spend all day in front of a screen if I let them – I dont – but they would like to.  I am planning to have them do typing, piano, independent read, read aloud all summer. An hour to hour and a half tops.  Hoping to actually plan 1-2 fun activities per week like beach, hiking, swimming or something else with friends.  I also plan to use this time to learn some new handicrafts we tend to not have time for during school.  Thinking drawing, crochet, sloyd, clay modeling.  Productive, but fun, ways to spend our time.  Fingers crossed!  We are starting summer next with a “sugar fast” experiment, we will see how that goes.  And of course my 17 year old intends to get his driver’s license and drive all over the place meeting up with his friends.


    Thanks for the responses. Being intentional is important!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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