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    Hello all,

    I have 2 girls 4 and 8 and was wondering if anyone had suggestions of stories or books that address many of the specific habits that are mentioned in Laying Down the Rails.



    In addition to A Child’s Book of Character Building 1 and 2 (recommended here), The Book of Virtues from William J Bennet is arranged by character traits and his other book, The Moral Compass is great but not arranged by traits.  I also use some resources here which are free.  You can use them to make a lapbook or just as a resource for verses and ideas.   


    Thanks for your reply.  I will look into those books.  I should specify that I am looking for stories to read to my children in which these specific habits are being practiced.  A hero or heroine to identify with.


    Do not think it would suit everyone but Doorposts produces a book called For instruction in Righteousness which deals with all sort of character issues, giving Biblical references.  Sometimes a Bibe character is shown with the character in a positive light, sometimes if is is to show a bad character trait the story will illustrate the persons ruin.  Then the Miller series are great, each chapter deal with a different character,  but may be a bit old fashioned for some children.  We also loved the Little Jewel books, simple story line, with pictures.  We especially like A letter to Titus and A Truck and a tricyclle.  There and some others by Rod and Staff, like The Shady Lane Twins and Across the  hedge with Aunt Rose.  For older children missionary stories and Hero Tales are also good.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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