Suggestions for living books, prefers reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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  • I am looking for living books for my son (age 9).  He tried the Billy and Blaze series by C.W. Anderson, but the reading is too easy. I am switching over to a Charlotte Mason approach. Honestly, he is used to reading twaddle like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He is into gems, crystals, hunting and digging for rocks, hiking, parkour, pyramids and adventure.  Suggestions please.

    Paula Spicer

    Gentle Ben was a big hit with my son.



    My son has enjoyed the Oz series and Little House series, as well as the animal books from Thornton Burgess, James Herriot’s Treasury for Children, Aesop’s Fables, and the fairy books from Andrew Lang.


    My son, age 9, has enjoyed:

    The Boy of the Pyramids

    The Swiss Family Robinson

    The Boxcar Children Guide to Adventure

    My Tour of Europe, By Teddy Roosevelt, Age 10


    It will be a little hard for him to switch from twaddle but there are some great books.

    Has he read any of the Narnia series?  Boy of the Pyramids was a great book my kids enjoyed in the SCM Ancient Egypt history module.  Swiss Family Robinson might be too hard, but my son has read that over 15 times:)  It has a lot of adventure in it.

    If you have a Kindle, or the Kindle app on your computer/ipad, etc. look up books by Edith Nesbit.  My son really liked Book of Dragons/Book of Beasts/Five Children and It, and many more of her books.   Gone Away Lake was a book both my daughters and son enjoyed.

    If you go to the bookfinder here on SCM and put leisure in the search box and select the grade you want, lots of book choices will come up.  That’s been very helpful for me.

    I think it’s okay to mention other curriculums on here, but I also like to look up book lists for my child’s level on, or My Father’s World and  They have great books listed we use for literature/free reading.  There are also older posts on here with great book lists for boys.  You could look up 9 yr old, or books for boys in the google search box on the bottom right of the forum, and you will get lots of great suggestions you can save as a favorite to refer to later.


    loved Rascal, old yeller and savage sam(sequel to old yeller) as read alouds and author, william o’steele.


    We just finished reading Half Magic and my DC all really loved it!  There were several scenes that had us all laughing.  We were thrilled to find that it is part of a series.  They author was a huge fan of Edith Nesbit, and he often makes references to her books.

    Thank you all for your suggestions.

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