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    I really like the look of the history guides but just can’t stretch the budget on all the recommended books. My question is has anyone used Story of the World by Bauer as the family spine books (I own all of them), I also own most of the Genevieve Foster books. And what about the famous Men books? I have the Memorial Press ones not the Greenleaf.

    Is it worth getting the guides if I don’t use all the same books?

    Anyone else done this or should I just make my own schedule?


    Honestly, at that point, it is probably worth making your own schedule. It is not that hard to sit down with your list of chapters from the Story of the World books and align the Famous Men biographies and the Foster books with that. Don’t forget to look up all the places on the map while you read, look up places, people, and buildings online as you go. Add in weekly map drill and you have a pretty solid base of history and geography. Figure out how many days you want to do for history/geography and make a rough outline of when you want to do terms, exams, and end. Then you will know what you are aiming for through out the terms and can finish the year in a timely manner. It works well for me.

    Yesterdays Classics and Heritage History have free ebooks that correspond with your time periods, so you can add additional reading for your various age groups as needed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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