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    We have been using SCM’s history for the first 3 modules. For Greece my kids were not in love with Famous Men of Greece. They are getting much more out of The Story of the Romans. Now, my daughter says she just doesn’t like Rome – not the history study, but the people and their greed and constant fighting. I would be happy to continue this series (The Story of…) if there wasn’t so much material for the next time periods (over 100 chapters per book). Module 4 uses the Famous Men series, so I am researching other spines/curricula for the middle ages/renaissance time periods.

    I like how TruthQuest gives options and has a strong biblical worldview, however, I love the open-and-go format of SCM. TQ seems quite daunting to me, and while I know that you are not expected to read everything, there is a great deal of planning involved.

    I listened to a sample of SOTW (after having avoided it for so long b/c it is “Classical”) and really love the Jim Weiss recording! Even if I don’t use it as a spine, I likely will get the recording to supplement. I did notice that the lessons are much more condensed. Perhaps this would be a good thing for my kids who are 10 and 8. I don’t want to gloss over things that are important, but I don’t want to put out so much history on them that it is overwhelming.

    There are many other history curricula and spines out there too. Is a spine necessary for this age, or are living books alone enough? What curriculum and/or spine did you use for this time period? Did you love it? Not love it? I want to hear the good and the bad. I really feel at a loss right now.


    I have used SCM, Truthquest, and Diana Waring, among others.  Truthquest does not have to be complicated. It can be simple if you can just choose a few of the books.  My current favorites are A Living History of Our World, followed by Diana Waring.


    SCM module 4 selections for grades 1-6 were some of our favorites ever.  Feel free to skip the Famous Men books and enjoy the others. I didn’t use that module with older kids so can’t speak to those titles.


    We are finishing SCM year 4 right now, and we have so enjoyed this years selections for grades K-3. They have been some of our favorites for sure! Famous Men has been a bit over their heads, but sometimes they enjoy it.

    We struggled a bit with year 1-3, ancients for lower elementary, but have really enjoyed doing year 4 this year!


    Thank you so much! I think we will then stick with SCM Module 4, use the living books, and add in SOTW where appropriate.

    BTW, my 2nd grader has already read “The Sword in the Tree” for reading practice. Is there another great book to use as a replacement?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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