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    I’ve been considering several book challenges for myself for 2012 and have finally decided I want to read all of Charlotte’s Original Homeschooling Series. I’m hoping to take my time and spend 2 months on each book. My schedule is planned to be as follows:

    Jan-Feb: Volume 1 – Home Education

    Mar-Apr: Volume 2 – Parents and Children

    May-Jun: Volume 3 – School Education

    Jul-Aug: Volume 4 – Ourselves

    Sept-Oct: Volume 5 – Formation of Character

    Nov-Dec: Volume 6 – Towards A Philosophy of Education

    Would anyone be interested in joining me???



    I would love to join you!  My dh gave me a Kindle Touch for Christmas and I have them downloaded.  I did start reading vol 1 but am taking it slowly.  It has been wonderful so far and would love to have friends to discuss with as I read.  




    Tristan, that might be a LITTLE fast for me but if you post what you’ll be reading I will do my best and try!

    We’ve been praying for you often these last few days and hope you feel surrounded by God’s love for your little one and your family.


    Michelle D


    I’m interested….I wonder if I can stick to it this time Undecided  I look forward to the discussion either way.  


    Tristan….just checked out your blog and your haircut is beautiful!  Best wishes with your new baby.  May God be with you….




    I’ll give it a try, but not guarantees – that is pretty fast….

    You are expecting time to read???


    Hehe, to those who think two months will be fast – yes, it just might be too fast, but I have to start somewhere.

    Suzukimom – yes, I’ll have lots of middle of the night feedings to read during, right?

    Melissa – I’ve never finished them yet, but at least I keep trying. And thank you!

    Michelle D – Thank you for the prayers, we’re so peaceful right now and I know it is because of the prayers going up around the world.

    Carolyn – Yay, join right in! I’m a ways into vol. 1 but I’m going to back up and start over because I read that part a good while ago.


    i’m interested in trying as well, I agree with Linda, two months is probably to fast for me, but I will try to do anyway. 


    I think I will try as well. I have been thinking I need to read through the series and having a group to do it with may help keep me accountable. Thanks for thinking of this!

    Hoping and praying that you and your little one are healthy and blessed!



    So are we discussing it here or somewhere else???

    Sara B.

    Perfect!  This is also one of my goals this year, and I wanted a group discussion but didn’t have a group to discuss it with.  LOL  Duh to posting it here….  😛  Let me know the details (where, when, etc)!


    I was going to say the same thing – I don’t know if I’d be able to plow through all of them this year (I’ve been working on Home Education in bits and pieces slowly this year), but I’d love to follow along if I can. =)



    Total God thing here as I was just making it my goal to read a book a month (as well as assign that same goal for my kids LOL). Laughing What better why to start my new year than with Ms. Mason’s wisdom…

    I would love to join in on this incredible reading club Wink Thank you for bringing this to this forum.




    OOh! Me! Me!  🙂

    That will be fast for me…and i’d like to read Vol 6 after vol 1 (per Bookworm’s advice ;-))…but I definitely want to participate in the discussion when I can.  Will you post here?


    I want to join in too!  Maybe a support system will be good to help me be accountable to stay on top of it.  I started reading Vol. 1 in the modern English on AO’s website last year and got through a big chunk of it, but I never finished.  I ended up losing my place, so I’m considering downloading the Kindle version on our new iPad.

    Will y’all be reading the original series or the modern English, or does it really matter?  The modern English is just so much easier to read, but there may be more nuggets or more to discuss from the original.


    artcmomto3–I started reading the original series and thought it might bog me down but I love it!  It really made me slow down and savor the writings so I would suggest to go for the original.  I am looking forward to enjoying it with everyone this yearSmile

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