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    I seem to be stuck. I love the idea of buying an open and go curriculum but my son has learning delays and is a resistant learner. He is 8 but behaves like he is 6 most of the time. Its a struggle each day to begin lessons even though our lessons are short.

    He has audio processing struggles so he very much enjoys books with illustrations.

    Has anyone designed their own plan for a special needs student? I really struggle with making my son fit into a curriculum plan instead of designing one that meets him where he is at.

    I seem to have decision fatigue. I have looked at so many programs that I am tuckered out.


    I would just take it slow. We loved My Fathers World for the early grades but it made me a little crazy trying to get all of “Monday” done on Monday, then feeling behind on Tuesday. It took me years to realize I could take two years to finish a one year lesson plan lol. I really enjoyed a little reading list called Turning Back the Pages of Time. It is all American History for elementary, mostly picture books by time period, some older elementary chapter books. The very best American History books for little one, IMO. And no schedule! Just start at the beginning, read as many or as few as you want and go along at your own pace. I would pick a hands on math, a very CM friendly language arts (we like Language Lessons for Today published by My Fathers world, its a reprint of Emma Serls Primary and Inter Lang Lessons but easier to use, and only scheduled 3x a week).  Add a simple science program, or even get a subscription to Tinker Crate at that age (they have great projects with some science thrown in). Read the Bible daily. Just do the next lesson, then the next and the next. Dont worry about being behind or ahead, just plug along at a pace that works.


    Using CM Narrations and Poetry Recitation can help.  You could play audio books at lunch or in your vehicle when traveling.  I have used some auditory activities from the following blog post:

    We do these early in our day and they are fun.  We use mostly these:

    Following Auditory Directions: I need you to…

    Listening and Remembering: I Went Shopping (and variations:  I went to the zoo, I went to a restaurant, etc.)

    Hand Clapping Rhythms

    And Sonya Shafer says to “teach the child, not the curriculum”.  Great advice.  So you can use many various different books and things, but in a way that fits your child.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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