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    How do y’all store your children’s written narrations?  Just a spiral notebook?  Nicer notebook? I’d love ideas.  🙂





    When my children were little, they wrote their narrations in a spiral notebook. When they were old enough to use the computer, I began printing them out and storing them in a 3 ring binder.


    Thank you!!!


    We use a 3 ring binder usually. One year each child got a composition notebook to do all their writing in. That worked too.


    Last year they typed them and I have a word document with their narations for the year.  This year I picked up spiral notebooks from Miller Pad and Paper.  They have a blank page followed by a lined page, so they can add an illustration for their writing.  My DC love to draw, so this is working well.  I was able to select the right line spacing for each child’s abilities.  I even picked up a book for me to write narrations in!


    Composition books–love how sturdy they are and they just pick up where they left off. I found them in bright red, green and blue (maybe at Meijer or Wal-Mart??) and they’ve held up well for the last couple of years.


    Our family has color-coded composition books. ( 50 cents at Walmart in August) Each person the same color for the year. Each marked science, history, Bible and literature narrations. One notebook per subject. I narrate right along with them and just last week we started a new narration challenge. The most detailed filled, accurate narrations are awarded 25 grains of rice. The four of us, ds,15, dd10 and ds,8, and I vote after listening to each person reading them aloud. We have a secret vote and a new person tallies each day. Ties, both win 25 grains. Each full cup ( shot glass) of rice means a secret fun event awarded!

    There is a great amount of enthusiasm toward narrations and they have worked hard on listening. Especially in Bible as we are studying Kings, with so many Kings and names of people, it is hard to get it all straight. We go back to our Bibles if there are any questions. They don’t even seem to mind rechecking and searching for the right answer. We also spend much time on why we chose a specific topic to write on if a certain child or I become fixated on specific details that get repeated. Like, “God’s prophet mentioned false idols 4 times in that chapter, I guess false idol worship is very upsetting to our God”!.

    I have my ds,8, whisper in my ear his narration, and then I document his answer. He enjoys picture narrating and I ask him to describe his picture as I write his response.

    I’m sure this is much more than your question answered, but I just wanted to tell of our success with narrations.

    Blessings for a Merry Christmas, Martha

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