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    How do you store your school supplies such as pencils, crayons, rulers, scissors, glue, etc. 

    Missy OH

    Each of my students keep their school books/notebooks on an assigned shelf.  Depending on age, they each have a school box or pencil bag to keep constantly needed supplies in.  It is so nice for my 2nd grader to grab her box and have everything in it we might need to get to quickly.  We also use those plastic drawers to hold all extra supplies or things we don’t use as often.  They are only allowed to use their school box for school, but have access to all other supplies whenever they want.  I also use those stackable shelves to sort different paper we use often and I have a file box w/ other paper sorted into different hanging files that we don’t  use often.




    I bought plastic pencil cases for cheap at the start of the school year and I keep colored pencils, markers, and pencils in their own box.  I used an empty baby wipe box for our crayons.  These are neatly stacked in a plastic 3 drawer sterlite thing in the bottom drawer. 


    We also use plastic “school” boxes for all of that.  My daughter’s box has a zipper all the way around (purchased 7 years ago) and she will not part with it!  My son has one from WalMart.  They keep writing pencils, coloring pencils, glue sticks and scissors in them.  My daughter also has a mini stapler in hers.  My son keeps his on his “school shelf” in the study and my daughter keeps everything in her room.  They do not share personal supplies, but we do have a common craft closet for those “artsy” assignments.


    We store all out crafty things (glue, paint, paper, Moon sand, etc.) in plastic boxes and stack them on one book shelf with three shelves (from Wal-mart). We keep all our books on another bookshelf, and their personal books in another plastic box by thier work areas in the “school room”. They have another small plastic box for their pencils and such. We had tried using workboxes and did not like it, so all those plastic boxes have really come in handy for storage!

    I’ll post a few pics on my blog if you want to see our room 🙂


    We give each of our children backpacks.  They can go any where they want to do their studies, and also when we travel with my husband they are all ready to go.



    I use 4 small tin buckets (Joanns) and they go into a rectangular basket that can be carried from the table to the shelf and everything is open for whenever it is needed.  The buckets hold crayons, markers, colored pencils and craft items (scissors, glue, hole punch, etc…).  There is also a small soup can that I covered with scrapbook paper for writing pencils.  The basket holds a few other things that we may need daily.  It goes on the middle of the table during the day and back to the shelf at night and over the weekend. 

    Books are kind of scattered everywhere since we just got rid of the schoolroom.  🙁  We have our daily books on a shelf in the dining/living room and all the rest is in the garage for right now. 

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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