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    How long does everyone leave their books out from prior years?

    We have space issues right now and it could get smaller as we prepare to move. I’m boxing up my books according to Module and putting them in the attic until needed. I have elementary through high school in one box. We just completed Module 1, and as I was pulling the books to put them in the box, I noticed most of them were in my DD’s rooms. It made me pause. Should I leave them out for awhile?

    I’ve got Module 2 out and ready to use so there’s not room for Module 1 on our shelves, but they are reading the M1 books over and over. They completely enjoyed our Egypt study, so do I need to let them linger with the books a little longer?



    I would; that’s how books become our friends and knowledge is cemented. I’ve wondered about library books because they come and go so quickly. As the Velveteen Rabbit would say, “They don’t have a chance to become ‘real’.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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