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    I am coming late to the game with my older 2 boys : 13yo and 14 1/2 yo. Assuming I have 3 years left with the older boy (and 4 with the younger) what should I do about history? We started but did not finish SCM genesis-Deuteronomy(the original not updated ) a long time ago, so we have done some of ancient Egypt – i don’t have the time to go through it again with them – and we are in the UK so would like to do a run through of British history not american…..any ideas of what to do? – I like the SCM modules as I also have a 6 1/2 yo (and a toddler)and like family learning but really don’t know what to cover in history for these last 3 years – they have no real history knowledge but we have done egypt a couple of times because I have kept trying to find the ‘right’ fit for us and each time started at the beginning {sob!} So we have about 8-9weeks of school left before summer and then the new year starts in September, any suggestions? I’ve been homeschooling for 5 years and still (after trying other methods/curriculums, having baby, moving house etc etc)  have failed to get going consistently with anything. Please help me figure a framework for my poor guineapig older boys :'(

    Also – Science….. what to use for them for science? And how to get going with cm methods when they haven’t done it from 1st grade.

    Any help appreciated.


    Joanne Downing

    ALso wondering….do they need to do the ancients? could I just start at the middle ages and work forward? and maybe just read  plutarch  over the next 3 years to touch on ancient lives ? I suppose then i would have to keep bible seperate from history  rather than integrated with it like scm :/



    Those poor “guinea pig” older DC!  I really wish I had another year with DD, a.k.a. my guinea pig!  lol

    My plans for high school are to use a combination Memoria Press and Compass Classrooms.   MP teaches several “strands” of history: Bible, classical, and modern.  So, they will be working on half of the old testament for Biblical history, ancient Greece & Iliad/Odyssey for classical history, and geography or American history for modern history.   We’ll be using Compass Classrooms for American history, Modernity (world history), and Latin.  Both programs offer video components to their lessons, which I think will be a great addition for the high school levels!

    I have no suggestions for British history though.  Maybe try on the Well Trained Mind high school forum?


    It’s been a few years since I’ve been on the forum!

    I saw this post and I wanted to check in – how do you like the Modernity course by Compass Classroom?

    Rachel White

    James Stobaugh has a British History course for high school. I also recommend The Great Courses for individual courses specific to British History, Western Civilization, American, and Eastern.

    Definitely do ancient history; you live in a country that is part of Western civilization, was once the largest empire (so, your history is intertwined w/the Near East it helped carve in modern times, Africa, India, Ireland, Australia, etc), and integral to that is study of the Ancient World, specifically Greece and Rome. Without a knowledge of Greece amd especially Rome, they won’t understand the development of the Roman Catholic church – vital in Britain’s history- and the occupation of Britain by Rome and the effects of that occupation, as well as the trauma of her downfall on Britain and the world. There’s a book about the stuff they left behind, available from SCM. Also, this is interesting, though, I think they leave out religion:

    American history can be integrated with British  (for obvious reasons) so they will have basic understandings of our constitutional republic.

    Three years is sufficient to learn the three divisions pf world history: Ancient history (up till 4th c. Roman fall); Medieval (includes British + world up till 15th c. ); Modern (includes American and British with the world). Ambleside Online is a good resource for books iusing this method of teaching. Paul Johnson – a pro-American British journalist and historian – wrote a book on American history which can be divided over a year. Or you can use Stobaugh’s high school history books – Ancient, American,  British,  and World. Combining the American and British together once you hit the 16th c., when Britain started sending colonists to the continent. Many British thinkers have written on America’s original principles, since Her common law is our foundation, along w/the Ancients.

    Science: with as many children as you have, I suggest a textbook which they can work independently. If you have a co-op nearby, even better, due to the lab requirements. Or, you could have them work through the book, then take a lab intensive. My son is taking his Biology labs this fall with CollegePrepscience in a group locally after using Virtual Homeschool Group w/Apologa Biology.





    Are you in Pasadena, CA?  You mentioned in a prior post looking for community in Pasadena.

    Thank you.

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