Starting the CM Series…some questions

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    I am just about to start the CM Series and I want to get set up efficiently.  I know there is a lot to chew on and I didn’t know how you took notes and/or how you reference things so you can easily find the quote you can refer to.  

    Any tips helpful.  I can’t wait to start reading Home Education!!  





    I have mostly read mine off the Kindle, so I use the highlight feature there to underline quotes I want to remember – it is fairly easy to retrieve these later.  I have a separate notebook that I copy down some of the most pertinent quotes, notes, thoughts on what I am reading.   Sometimes I blog about what I have read too, and the act of writing out my thoughts on that chapter into a cohesive ‘essay’ I guess you could say helps cement it all too.  I also suggest reading slowly – maybe only a chapter or 2 per week – to really let it all sink in.  These aren’t books that you just whip right through. 🙂  Sometimes I’ve even had to set one aside completely to return to later.  I have read Vol 1 twice, Vol 6 twice, and currently working through 3.   They are well worth the effort!  I love seeing how all her ideas fit together  – and being able to understand the *why* behind what she did.   Enjoy!



    I underline/highlight as I go, make notes in the margins, etc. I also have a separate CM commonplace book where I record quotes that I especially like. I’m blessed to have a wonderful group where we hash these things out as well. And I agree, read slowly. Charlotte was an advocate of doing that and there is just SO MUCH in every sentence, it seems, that I have to stop and chew on it awhile.


    Like Robin, I have a CM commonplace book where I record quotes and I go VERY SLOWLY recording any quote that particularly speaks to me at that time and chewing on them for a few days. This could be an ordinary notebook or this year I am using my SCM WHen More Is Less Calendar Journal and write down one thing a day.  I found The Living Page – Keeping Notebooks with Charlotte Mason by Laurie Bestvaster really helpful in getting me started keeping a commonplace book.

    Having said that, I’d love to learn what Sonya does – I’m sure she has a much more organised and efficient way or recording quotes and knowing where to find them!

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