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    I’ve come full circle.  LOL  I wanted to use the CM approach a couple of yrs ago, but it didn’t pan out.  Lots has happened in that time, too.  Well, ds is overwhelmed w/ what we are/were using for HS this yr.  We both want/need to make some changes.  I shared w/ him about CM and her approach.  He’s interested, said it made sense, particularly for History.  Smile  So, I bought the Gen-Deut manual and I’m going to start using it.  (I bought that one because it’s the period we’re working on.  I have materials that I can use and wanted to stay w/ that timeframe.) 

    I don’t have the money to get the books and have a few things that would work for now while we’re transitioning and using this new style of learning.  (I want to see if it’s really going to be what fits him and our family.)  I don’t have Adam and His Kin and our libraries won’t have it.  (They dont’ have any of the good books.)  Can I use Genesis: Finding Our Roots to replace it?  Or, is it more of a study w/in itself?  I haven’t read it yet, just started skimming it over and realized it might not quite work the same way.  (Leaning toward not a good replacement.) 


    I do have Christine Miller’s All Through the Ages book, but I don’t have many of the books for this period.  I also have all of MFW’s CtG set (using it w/ the youngers) and AHL.  He hasn’t had much exposure to extensive history, particularly Ancient.  Can I use CtG’s books as a starting point, even though they are well below his need?  It would allow us to transition to narrations, right?  I know we will need to work together as we switch, but we do need to get to an independent level asap.  (I will actually be working toward this w/ all of my dc – together is not a good fit overall.)  


    Just some thoughts I’m having.  Thanks for listening and any help you can provide.



    never mind.  figured something out.


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