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    I was looking at the SUS samples that arrived by link in my email today and I’d love to have a little chat about the difference between SUS and AAS.  I have two 8yo boys who struggle with spelling.  (On their recent standardized tests they scored at early 1st grade and later Kindergarden when in fact they are middle 2nd graders.)  That said, we’ve never done any spelling work so at this point I’m not too concerned.  That said, :), they both seem to have some learning challenges (dyslexia, dysgraphia maybe) that may play into this equation.

    We own AAS vol 1 but I don’t use it.  (This past year we’ve worked heavily on learning to read and they didn’t seem ready for spelling lessons.)  I don’t really like AAS but I don’t know how to explain why.  We use AAR (one boy is in vol 2, the other starting vol 3) and that seems to work very well for them.  (We don’t use the tiles but do use a whiteboard and do everything else as the program says.) 

    When I looked at the SUS samples I liked how they color in the different vowel/suffix/etc combinations with colored pencils.  I like the use of the passages and less emphasis on spelling lists.  And then, I wonder, am I just being a curriculum junkie and want to do ‘somethign new’ when what we already have is perfectly good. 

    Does anyone know if SUS is considered Ortho-Gillingham and is that important for my sons with (maybe) dyslexia?

    Also, will the amount of writing needed for SUS be problematic for my son with (maybe) dysgraphia, which I’m also trying to figure out how to address/help.  I’m looking at the Jack and Jill level and I don’t think the beginning of the book would be too much writing for him but I’m not sure about the second half. 

    I know SUS is not even out yet so there won’t be many thoughts on it but for those of you who are on their mailing list, or whoever it is who is reviewing the curriculum (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten that), if you have any thoughts on these questions I’d really appreciate it! 


    They look like very different programs. I was honestly quite underwhelmed by the SUS samples. It’s just chunks of copywork that you highlight sound combinations in. I like this idea, but don’t think I’d do it in such a random way. In *my* thinking it would make more sense if a passage focused on a couple of combinations, instead of a whole bunch of random ones. From what I can see, SUS teaches spelling simply by exposing the child to the same selection over and over until the words are imprinted. AAS can do this, if you focus on a lesson over the length of one week. It also gives rules to help the child spell unfamiliar words.

    Overall, I view AAS as a complete program and SUS as a supplement at best. I can’t see spending much on it, so it will be interesting to see what they price it at. I don’t see anything at all unique about the books. You could grab a Pathways reader, pull out a chunk of text and accomplish the exact same thing.


    I spent some time last night looking at SUS and I agree with HSMAMA.  I would also add that SUS does not look like it’s based on the Orton Gillingham method just from looking at the samples.  Although, I would say it looks more in line with copywork/prepared dictation. 


    I have two kiddos with dyslexia/dysgraphia and based on the samples, SUS would not work for them.  I have used AAR Level 1 and AAS Level 1, 2, and part of 3.  I must confess, after doing two levels of AAS, I was ready to throw in the towel.  However, our dd begged me to give Level 3 a try.  We are now on Lesson 21 of Level 3 and I must confess, I’m glad we stuck it out. 


    I have to run now.  But can answer further questions later if warranted. 




    Thank you HS Mama and Melissa.  I think you’ve helped me get over my ‘yeah, something new, let’s buy it’ excitement.  I’ll look at AAS again with an open mind.  I also ordered another Dianne Craft video hoping to just get some background information about how I may best teach these boys of mine.  I think I should hold off on any curriculum plans/changes until I make a master plan after doing some research.  And I need to review my SCM video about teaching LA in general bc that has always been a weak link for me.  Thanks!!

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