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    We are suffering from Barton Spelling and Reading burnout!  We have made it to level 4; and while I do like the program, it is SOOO long and requires at least 45 min daily to really do it right.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, my son (14yr) has many learning challenges (Asperger, ADHD), and sitting for 45 min for one class takes alot of energy out of both of us, and defeats the “keep it short” style we love about CM..We have never tried Spelling Wisdom; I thought since he had some dyslexia tendencies, we would have to have a “special” spelling program.  I like the idea of teaching multiples together, and my dausghter (12) would be fine with Spelling Wisdom from what I see in the sample.  My question is, do you think it would work for a boy who is 14 but only can spell at a 4th to 5th grade level at best?


    I think it can work! Especially because what you do is start where they are. Look at the samples, we chose to buy the full set of levels but I know we don’t have to finish all the levels in the end. My oldest (age 11) started in level 1 at a place where she was usually finding 3 words she actually needed to study (couldn’t spell off the top of her head). We’re in no hurry because any progress is more than NO progress.

    🙂 Best part – it takes nowhere near 45 minutes per day.


       Thank you, I think we will try it for next year.  I just can’t tell a big difference even using this “Special Program” for the challenged  learners.  We really gave it a try, but its so time consuming.  He burns out before he even starts Math… and that’s a whole other moutain to climb ona daily basis!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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