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    I’m considering using Spelling Wisdom for ds8 (starting 3rd), dd11 (starting 6th) and ds13 (starting 7th/8th).  We have been using Queens for the last 1.5 years as our LA and a little Sequential Spelling this year.  Other than that, they have had very minimal grammar/spelling.  Ds13 is an average speller but still needs work, dd11 is a very weak speller, and ds8 seems to be a natural.

    Which SW books would I use for each child?


    Are you planning on pairing with Using Language Well or just using SW alone?

    To help with placement look through the samples with “how to use” in mind

    You want your students to be able to only have a few words per passage that require studying.

    The bottom of this page also gives suggested placement, as well as the helpful video that would be helpful in thinking about placement.


    We have really enjoyed using SW and ULW together. Last year my 3rd grader started book 1 (and will finish in 4th grade) and my 5th grader started book 2 (and will finish this coming year in 6th grade). They are not a “race to completion” books though 🙂 Take a look at the samples and see where you think your students would best fit. Growing up I was NOT a natural spelling, unlike my siblings, and I am glad my mom took that into account and worked at my pace.


    Thank you for those links. 🙂

    I’m pretty confident about placing ds8 into Book 1.  That’s the easy one. lol

    It’s dd11 and ds13 that I’m wavering about.  I will definitely be getting both books 1 & 2.  So I feel dd11 will find her place somewhere in those two books.

    D13 is my mystery.  I’m not sure if he would be best at the second half of Book 2 or if I should get Book 3 for him.  Any insight from those who’ve used them that could help me would be greatly appreciated.


    Update:  I’m going to go with just Books 1 & 2 at this time.  If I feel ds13 needs more of a challenge than Book 2 offers, I can always purchase Book 3.   😁

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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