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    We’re just getting started with dictation for spelling and as we get to increasingly difficult words, I’m finding that my daughter will spell several wrong per dictation and then we’ll try again another day and she will misspell the SAME word again.  I don’t think she is really studying for the dictation, but rather just trying to rapidly memorize and forget words she anticipates trouble with.  What do you do when a dictation contains misspellings? 

    Alicia Hart

    How old is your dd? My dd 9(just turned 9 over the summer) started transcription with Spelling Wisdom Book One so I can ease her into dictation probably next year. We tried to start dictation last year and I do not think that she was ready.

    My dd 11 and I study the passage together, once a day for two or three days before we do dictation. Eventually, I hope that she will be able to study the words alone later in the year.



    I have two girls doing Spelling Wisdom (9 yo and 15 yo). The 15 yo can study it independently and usually does very well. I keep an eye on the 9 yo as she reviews the lesson, pointing out particular words that I think might be unfamiliar or otherwise tricky and asking her to practice them in her mind with her eyes closed before telling me she is ready for the dictation. This has worked very well for us. HTH


    My DD is young (8, but an advanced student), so we are just starting SW, but so far I have not given her the dictation until I know that she knows how to spell all the words.  She uses the passage as copywork on Day 1.  We discuss any words that I am not already positive that she can spell.  On Day 2 and 3, I quiz her orally on those words.  Any that she doesn’t remember, we review again.  She might write them out a couple of times or we talk about the shape of the word or any points to remember (double letters, suffixes, etc.).  Then I have her spell them orally again.  On Day 4, I dictate.



    Rebekah, I started using the ideas from Dianne Craft about writing the word on a strip in different colors and letting my daughter make up silly stories about the letters. I hang those on the opposite wall above her head where she can see them, we practice them orally, we write them out, and then take the dictation. It seems to have helped.

    And honestly, when I thought I that they weren’t giving it their best effort and being kind of lazy, I made them re-do the whole passage so that they have a consequence. They hate that so they take me a little more seriously. 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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