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    I am wondering how families have time to do Spelling Wisdom with multiple kids. I know that the passages get longer as kids get higher up in the levels and I am trying to picture doing Spelling Wisdom with multiple high schoolers and middle schoolers when the passages are long. Has anyone experienced this?


    We have 6 kids. The oldest 3 do Spelling Wisdom. It has worked fine in recent months to have them give dictations to each other. Not every time but when I’m busy and the day is getting away from us. I love Spelling Wisdom. What better way to learn spelling and punctuation than by reading meaningful passages? Enjoy!


    We do a new dictation every other day. So we alternate between kids.

    Older kids also don’t need me to prompt them in studying the passage and when I dictate it’s fairly quick. They correct their own work.

    Little kids (gr 3-5) typically need more of my attention (slower dictation, help studying the passage) so I make sure I pair up one older with one younger when we alternate so It won’t take take up too much time.

    Hope that all made sense???

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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