Spelling Wisdom and Using Language

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  • Janadaleena

    Am I correct that the lessons consist of :

    1. Spelling Wisdom – child studies for words they don’t know;  writes passage from dictation

    2.  Using Language – child does various exercises on the passage in SW and then transcribes the passage  — writing it again, this time not from dictation?  but from memory or after reading?

    Basically the child is writing the passage twice for 2 different parts of the learning exercise?


    They only write the passage once. I suppose you could allow them to copy one day and then dictate another day, but I have never done it that way. The ULW is basically the “lesson plan” with SW being the resource. Just follow the instructions in ULW, copying or dictating depending on the ability of the child.

    Karen Smith

    The child will only write the passage once. As Crystal stated, follow the instructions in the Using Language Well Book.

    If your child is using the first half of Spelling Wisdom Book 1 and Using Language Well Book 1, then your child will copy the passage from Spelling Wisdom to the Using Language Well book. This copying is called transcription, copying a passage several words at a time from the passage to a separate piece of paper. Transcription is the transition step from copywork (copying letter for letter or word for word directly below the passage, or model, being copied) to prepared dictation (studying the passage ahead of time, then writing it without being able to see the model).

    In the second half of Spelling Wisdom Book 1 and Using Language Well Book 1 the student will be doing prepared dictation instead of transcription.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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