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    My son is in 4th grade this year and his spelling has always been pretty bad. I am wondering if it is just normal though and if I really need to keep doing our spelling program (All About Spelling)?

    I think it is getting a little better. I am thinking to just focus on copywork, dictation and correcting his narrations.

    I guess I just need to read from others how that approach alone worked out in the long run?

    And how would I know if he needs more help?


    Rachel White

    If AaS has phonics, then keep going! Yes, keep up copywork and begin the dictation, but please don’t abandon phonics.

    I made the mistake of not focsing on phonics because my son started reading so quickly and it was a major mistake; he has always been an avid reader, bt that has not improved his spelling. I started him on Megawords and it has helped (phonics for older kids in dealing wtih multi-syllabic words)

    You’re seeing improvement, don’t stop now

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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