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    I used Sequential Spelling with my oldest, who has a number of learning challenges. It is the only thing that brought any improvement in his spelling. I love the program, and will happily use it again if needed with my younger kids. It certainly doesn’t use CM methods, but I think is does nicely embody some CM principals. The lessons are short so they don’t overburden the child. Mistakes are corrected immediately so they can see where they need to improve. The child is presented with the information and encouraged to understand and make the connections on how to spell the words. They aren’t taught a list of rules to memorize, they have to see the patterns and make the connections between what they know, what pattern they see, and the words they produce. They have to form a relationship with the words, and I think that is the essence of education according to CM.

    It will probably not win any awards for being the most CM, but I am not a purist anyway. 🙂 It does present the information in a way that some children are able to see the pattern and make the connections where they were not able to previously.


    Well said, curlywhirly!  That is a bang-on description of the strengths of this program.   

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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