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    We started DD on Level 1 of AAS. We have used 1 level a year and last year we completed Level 3, breaking for summer. DD has had trouble with reading, but her spelling has been great (during lessons, but not in her freewriting). She aces her AAS lesson words and dictation. We work through each level slowly, typically taking 1 week per lesson. This fall, however, every thing from Level 3 went out the window. She can recite the phonograms and rules, but I am still getting mis-spells, like chaire, for example. Level 3 has a lot more vowel combos and such, but at this point we are looking at repeating almost every lesson and I haven’t noticed a dramatic change in her writing at all. Is it normal for a child to struggle at this point? Or is this a sign to try something other than AAS? and if so, what??


    I know that spelling in spelling lessons is generally better than spelling in writing…. while the student is writing there are so many other things to think about that spelling isn’t at the top of their list.  (Things like what they want to say, possibly grammar, possibly how to make the letters, capitalization, punctuation – but of course the big thins is the “what they want to say”.)

    I know in every spelling course discussion, that spelling in general use is always behind what they are doing during “spelling”.

    But – we are only in Level 2 of AAS, so I can’t comment to what point should you see a change.  I’m sure it would vary from child to child.    Have you asked on the AAS forum on All About Learning’s website?

    I have seen a change in my kids’ writing.  No, they don’t spell everything right, even stuff that they should from their lessons – but they are spelling a lot more correct.  Also my ds is more likely to write anything…. he would avoid writing like the plague – now he just avoids it like a mild cold….


    We definitely saw an improvment after Level 1 & 2, and there has been some improvement after Level 3, but not using any of the new words she’s learnt from that level.

    I did post at the AAS forums and we’ve been doing the suggested review, but there’s been so much forgotten that we’re looking at reteaching each lesson. I’m starting to doubt. I hate when that happens. LOL

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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