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    I am trying to plan ahead here.. I have a 10 yr old who is not a good no I should say he is a bad speller. (he get’s that from me!)  I want to think about what I will give him, because he needs things that are soft, not pushy and that he wont feel overwhelmed or like he’s failing.  My 11 yr old is using Spelling wisdom and it’s going well but to be honest I don’t want them doing the same thing cause I just know it wouldn’t go well.  Also, my 8 yr old is good speller and I have a feeling he’ll be doing the spelling wisdom in a yr or so.

    Anyway.. I’d like to know from those of you who also STARTED with not great spellers what you used and why you think it worked for your child.

    Thanks misty


    I use All About Spelling.  I have no idea whether it is CM friendly, but I love it. My own boys are not behind, but I am a certified teacher/tutor, also.   I use the same curriculum with my tutor students who are VERY behind!  The main reasons I like it is because it is very step-by-step, there is lots and lots of review of the spelling rules, and it does not have a grade level.  You start with level one.  When your child has mastered every concept in level one, then you move on to level two, and so forth.  I highly recommend starting with level one.  (Although, you can order each level independent.)  The materials in level two build on the skills in level one.  I think it would be confusing to start on level 2.  I usually start my students on level one.  They fly through it and then we move to level 2.   My students have done great with it.  It is very versatile and can be used with lots of ages.  I have used it with a 6yo, 7 yo, 11 yo, and 16 yo.  (some mine, some my tutor kids)  I have even teased my hubby that I am going to start teaching him some spelling with it!  🙂  There are reviews all over the internet if you want to investigate it.   




    I too am wondering about spelling. My dd (age 9 )is a natural speller, my ds (age 7) is not. He has been using Queen’s Learning Spelling Through Copywork book A and can spell the words when we are doing a lesson. But when he is writing something on his own (like in a lapbook or in a letter to someone) he can not spell correctly. So what is up with that?????


    My dd7 is not a natural speller but of course she is very young so maybe it’s early to say.  Anyhow, it’s not recommended that you start until grade three but I wanted to try a spelling program with her to get her paying attention to the way words are spelled.  We’re trying out Spelling Power.  It’s amazing so far.  First of all, dd LOVES it.  She asks to start the school day with it. It could just be the novelty of trying something new though.  The approach of spelling power is multi-sensory.  You look at the word, study how it’s spelled.  Then you close your eyes and spell it.  Then you trace it with your fingers in sand/cornmeal on a baking sheet, or just use a piece of sandpaper.  This is my dd favourite step:)  Then they write it again.  An important step is to have them immediately write their own sentence using the new spelling word.  It helps them transfer it into real life.  There are extra hands on activities that you can do like using tiles, beading letters onto to a necklace.  I have to say that I’m impressed so far at how my dd is retaining what she has learned. 



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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