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    I’m considering purchasing Speaking Spanish w/ Miss Mason and Francois series and would love to get feedback from those who have used it over a period of time. Wondering how effective has the results been with learning Spanish? How was your children’s journey using it… Pros and cons? Tips w/how you personally used/implemented this program?

    Also, I’m trying to decide what to purchase…(thinking about buying the book alone, but unsure as to what products are best to purchase):

    1. Hardback or ebook?
    2. Teacher’s Guide (is it needed or is the book self explanatory w/o it?)
    3.  MP3 Audio Files (can the book be used effectively w/o this? Is it worth buying?)

    Thank you!


    I have asked a similar question regarding the French version.  Hopefully we will get some advice.


    I have the student book and MP3 audio files.

    Honestly, I have not really used. I purchased when it first came out but though I want to do Spanish with the kids, it is the one subject that tends to get dropped when days get full. I like having the audio so I can be sure it is sounding correctly.

    I am holding onto it because I think it is a good program. It is conversational (what you learn) which I really like! We live in an area that has many Spanish speaking people and the kids want to learn too, I just need to commit to giving it a try again 🙂


    Thanks Sarah :)!


    Hi Benita,

    What I did was ask my question on the SCM facebook private group and I received more answers.

    For my 1st question, I haven’t received an answer as yet.

    2nd question, I was told that the Teacher’s Guide wasn’t necessary because the methods are already explained in the book.

    3rd question, everyone recommended getting the MP3 Audio including Sarah (here on SCM forum) :).

    Also, one parent is using Duolingo in conjunction with Miss Mason and Francois series.

    They offered some great advice. If you’re on fb, you can join the group (Simply Charlotte Mason Homeschooling) to read more of their feedback.

    Hope this helps you some :).



    I have as well, but unfortunately, like Sarah, Spanish is a subject that has gotten dropped for us as well.  In an effort to be more intentional this year, I went ahead and bought Rosetta Stone.  I found I wasn’t using the other, perhaps because I’m not fluent myself and it felt like too much work for me to sit down and learn to pronounce. Who knows why it wasn’t working for us…sometimes I think we are just in different seasons of life and I think when I was trying to incorporate it we had a baby.

    All that to say, I’d be willing to sell mine if you don’t want to pay full price.  Feel free to email me at kmguthrie96@yahoo.com


    I tried to use it two years ago–it wasn’t working well, so I went back and dug deeper into the explanation at the beginning of the book.  Sure enough, we were not using it just.exactly.as.suggested and it made a huge difference.  So–make sure you don’t skimp on the steps, if you decide to go for it!

    Sarah Himbaugh

    I agree the MP3 files are totally worth it.  I have found that we all do better with it when we intentionally make a mental movie of the series and practice it briefly every morning with our other memory work.  We also make up silly sentences using the words they already know. For example, “I put my grandmother in the backpack.” or “I sharpen the flower.” And sometimes say the series very over the top dramatically.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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