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    My children are still little. I would like them to know Spanish as well as learn more myself. So ladies tell me your thoughts!  What language programs have you used? What did or didn’t you like about it? How long did you use it? When would you start?

    Renee Gould


    My kids are 7,5 and 3.  I also wanted to introduce them to another language young.  I did a lot of research on what Spanish program to use with my kids last year; a LOT.   I ended up using Flip Flop Spanish.  I just thought it was missing something.  My kids did learn from it, I just thought it’s instruction wasn’t always clear.  It has been a while since I used, so I am sorry I can’t be super specific.

    Ultimately, I use this forum/site  for most of my research and then take a look at recommendations from there.  This year I am using Spanish with Miss Mason and I really like it.  I am starting to see how it all works; after only using for 3 weeks.  I did have to read the guide and fumble around for a bit, but it is coming together.

    My gut instincts tell me young is a good time to introduce foreign language.  I wish I could introduce more than one.  My kids love it and I can see it building blocks for the future with the language.

    I have only used for 3 weeks, but I can tell it is a more robust teaching aid than FFS.  Currently, these are the only two I have used.

    Every time I use a SCM site referral, I never seem to be disappointed.  It isn’t always the easiest route, but you certainly learn more and more how  Charlotte Mason really knew how to guide children through the learning process.




    Renee Gould

    Oh, my 5 and 7 year old both join in for this lesson.  Sometimes, even my 3 year old will sit in.  He knows his colors in Spanish.:-)  You use props along with learning the verbs (You would have to read more about it to understand this part.) and they ALL love this.  It is amazing how they simply learn from ‘doing’ the action and saying the words.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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