SOTW in Module 6?

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    Good morning;

    I’m working  hard to choose our curriculum for the upcoming year, when we’ll have a fifth grader, an 8th grader, an 8th grader working hard to get into 9th grade (got a head start this summer), and an 11th grader. My 11th grader has been struggling with Lyme for some time, so I’m looking for something we can worth through together – the SCM history modules are appealing for this reason. However, I already own SOTW 4 and the activity book, and am wondering if anyone has ever substituted this for the SCM Story of the…books.  I looked at the online previews, and wonder if those books are a little young for my gang, though I see they’re supposed to cover the age range. I’d love feedback if people have substituted – perhaps with TQ? I’d also love to hear if you used it as written with a gang like mine, and how you liked it.




    I chose to buy the SCM Mod 6 books instead of SOTW v.4 last year.  I was so glad I did.  I heard that SOTW v. 4 focused very much on wars and the atrocities during those times.  I wanted to focus more on inventions and just touch on the wars.  I found that the Mod 6 spines (and the books they recommended) gave a much better picture of life at that time.  The wars were not down-played, the atrocities were mentioned, but it was all done in such a kind manner.  Evil was called “Evil”, and yet we came away from our study feeling hopeful.

    I really don’t know how to explain it! (I’m sorry!)

    We used SOTW v.1, 2, 3 – and they give a more blow-by-blow description of what’s going on while SCM Mod 6 gave a look-back.  Does that help?

    My children are 10,8,6,4yo – and we used it last school year.  So mine are a lot younger than yours.  I’d say that for the older ones, the spines are still going to be so interesting and bring up good discussions.  The individual book recommendations are where your older ones will get even more thought-provoking issues brought up.

    We just totally enjoyed Mod. 6.


    Evergreen, this is very interesting to me also, as I also have done SOW1-3 and have SOW4 planning to start it in September. But this post has got me thinking.

    Did anyone else find SOW4 a little too much focussed on wars and atrocities??  Also, I’m not from the US, so I wonder if SCM Mod 6 would focus too much on American history for our family?

    I did, a few years ago, try to use SCM mod 1 but substitute SOW1 as the spine for part of it – but it ended up being very confusing  and a lot of work for me and I switched to SOW1 which we enjoyed.  I think if yuo’re looking for something off the shelf it’s better to keep things simple and stick with one thing.  But I’d be very interested to hear others thoughts.


    Karen, thank you for sharing your experience – I appreciate hearing about your experience. I am just hopeful that the enrichment materials would give the older kids enough of an understanding of what’s happened in world history 0 they “whys” behind the wars and conflicts – that they’ll be equipped moving forward. I wish I could look deeper into those spines than the first few chapters – I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on these books, and whether they felt their older kids were challenged and equipped enough.


    Ruth, I definitely think SOTW4 should be used by kids a good deal older than the author recommends – Sonlight has it in middle and even high school cores, and HOD uses it in a middle/slash high school course. It is heavy and serious – and a very good resource; my older kids used it to supplement their public school high school history courses when they had to write papers. I can’t speak to the American history question, but I do feel that SOTW4 puts world history in a context that is easily grasped by those of us who somehow slept through history in high school (those awful textbooks!). Thanks for your recommendations.

    Perhaps sticking to one or the other is better, but I’d still love to hear if anyone’s tried substituting – or loved SCM module 6 as written for older kids.


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