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    I hope you are feeling better Sonya. I am sure you will hear from me as I plan it all out. I am looking forward to getting my oldest into some tougher reads as well as into the Doctrine Notebook.

    I’m Kind of new to Charlotte Mason so next year will be our first year to incorporate the history part of it.I’ve been researching online and my question is: why does Mystery of History start with creation and go all the way through Egypt, Greece and some of Rome all in one year? SOTW seems to do that too.Is there a reason for breaking it down or are these books meant to be used over several years? I’ve also been to Classical Christian Homeschooling and their study of the Ancient world ends before Greece and Rome like the modules posted on this site. Thanks for info on this. Melissa

    Sonya Shafer

    Hi, Melissa –

    Great question! The thing with History is that you can take it at about any pace you want to. For example, I know some grown men who spend years studying only the Civil War. You can camp out in any time period or buzz through it at your discretion. I can’t answer for MOH or SOTW, but I’d be happy to give you the reasoning behind the way I chose to approach the time periods. 🙂

    I wanted to emphasize to my children the Bible and how its accounts fit into world history. So I chose to take our time going through the Bible books and plugging in world history where it corresponded. I can see how it would be easy to summarize all the “ancient” time periods and cover them in one year, but I wanted to approach that time period more from a Biblical history emphasis, working our way through the historic accounts in Genesis through Acts. And reading/studying that much Bible takes longer than one year.

    Charlotte actually started history with the history of England. Now, she could do that because England’s history goes so far back in time! If we in America started with only local history, we would have to skip several centuries of world history. However, I didn’t see the benefit of teaching my children English history from the beginning; in my mind, the beginning is Genesis.

    Not everyone chooses to take the same approach, and that’s fine. Some like to make Bible a separate subject from history, which allows a faster pace. You can look at all the possibilities as suggestions, and select one that works best for your family. Or you can take a little from this one and a little from that one and throw in a pinch of the other one and design an approach that is unique for you. Does that help? Or did I just muddy the waters?

    Okay, I’m trying to wrap my brain around this (and it’s pretty foggy from a whirlwind week–two funerals, two goats delivering, dd kicking ds accidentally in the eye, dr. visit, vet visit….just life….)

    I have not officially started the history module at all. One of my older dds is doing Mystery of History with the 16, 14, 10, 8, and 6 yr. olds. However, I like the more in depth “study” if you will in the curriculum guide. I do have the Days Of Creation Study. So am I going to want to jump in to Module 2? Then just do the Creation Study on the side as a separate but related entity? And ACG–don’t have it yet but it’s on the “wish list!”–again, just work through it alongside module 2? Just trying to fit it all together in my mind’s eye here….might not even get it really off the ground until next year.

    Thanks for your help! I just love this website! ::kisses and hugs and smileys with hearts!::


    Sonya Shafer

    Sounds like you’ve got it, Trisch (foggy brain and all)! I’d recommend you start with the current Module 2 (Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt), which will become the new Module 1. But don’t worry about ACG for that module. The handbook contains other geography already included and related to Egypt and Africa. Then you can do 106 Days of Creation as a science option on the side as a separate entity, exactly.

    Okay, I understand the differences now.I really don’t want to rush through history.I’m so excited about starting history next year. I never learned it this way in school and I have no idea myself how things line up.Thanks for your help!

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