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    I have the following items for sale.  We either never used them or hardly used them at all as we found other things to fit the childrens needs better. SCM items:

    Hymns in Prose for Children   E-book (pdf)  $5.00

    Print-to-Cursive-Proverbs    E-book (pdf)  $5.00

    106 Days of Creation Studies  (Printed book)  $7.00 plus $2.00 shipping *I also have the  “101 Great Science Experiments” and “How Science Works” HC books to go along with 106 Days of Creation Studies.  Asking $5 each, free shipping.

    Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing: A Charlotte Mason Language Arts Handbook  E-book (pdf) $8.00

    Spelling Wisdom Book 1      E-book (pdf) $10

    Spelling Wisdom Book 2      E-book (pdf) $10

    Hours in the Out-of-Doors: A CM Nature Study Handbook        E-book (pdf)  $5.00

    CM items:

    For the Children’s Sake – Used Paperback, good  $5.00 Free shipping

    All Through the Ages, History through Literature Guide  (spiral bound book) good condition  $25.00 includes shipping

    My Nature Journal (Hardcover)  Written and Illustrated by Adrienne Olmstead  $12.00 includes shipping   (has fill in the blank pages for the children, cute guide for the kids)  I have 2 of these, my kids only wrote their names on the first page and they are erased.

    Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl   Ages 6-8  (1 page erased)   $12 plus shipping

    Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl Part 3  Ages 9-12  (Brand New)  $12 plus shipping

    Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare by E. Nesbit   Paperback- good condition  $5.oo includes shipping

    If interested please email me at:  steph2005dot78athotmaildotcom            I accept pay pal.

    All E-book files will be sent and then deleted from my computer.  Thanks.


    Can anyone tell me the difference between Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare and Shakespeare’s Stories for Young Readers?




    I emailed you about All Through the Ages and For the Childrens Sake, and Gmail sent it back said it was not deliverable.

    I would like both of these, I have PayPal




    Will email also but in case it doesn’t go through I would like Hearing and Telling & Hours in the Out of Doors if still available.



    Those books are still available.  Would you try the email again, I have received 3 other emails, so it may have been phone service at the time you sent yours?




    I am not familiar with Young Readers Shakespeare version so I cannot compare them for you.  I do believe all versions are just retellings from the authors.  They try to put them in simpler forms for the children or readers.  If I’m correct….?



    The following items are sold:

    Hymns in Prose for Children

    Spelling Wisdom –  books 1 and 2

    sales pending for  “Hours Out of Doors” and “Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing: CM LA HB”


    “Hours Out of Doors” is still available.

    Hearing and Reading…….has sold.

    History through the Ages and For the Children’s Sake has sold.

    Print-to-Cursive Proverbs has sold.

    Thank You All!


    106 Days of Creation Studies  has sold!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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