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    I’m working on that.  I know some that I want to continue, but haven’t actually started writing it out.  I need to do that soon.  Others I might browse a bit before deciding to continue or to change it up a bit.


    I’ve just been jotting notes throughout the year of things I want to check out for next year…nothing formal, though!


    I have definitely been planning out for next year, especially history, science, a writing program, picture study, and literature.  I have to plan so that when I hit the curriculum fairs/used bookstoes I can pick books at a great price.  If I don’t know what I might need then I may miss something.  I know, I know, I’ll probably miss something anyway (can’t think of everything), but I try.

    Also, I’m a future planner, big time.  Doesn’t mean that’s how it all works out, but I do love to planSmile.


    I’m thinking of trying Apologia for the first time, but not sure which one. Probably Zoology. I’ve used 106 Days for the past 2 years and really enjoyed it.

    Then I’m getting ready to switch from Power Glide Spanish to El Espanol Facil. Bought it used on homeschoolclassifieds and should be coming in by next week. Smile

    Otherwise I follow SCM pretty closely and will be planning for 4th, 2nd, and K next year. Get to dig out 100 EZ Lessons again for the LAST TIME! Yippee!




    I need to start planning, but I really need to get more through this year first.  My daughter will be in 9th grade, so I feel a little panicky about high school.  I do plan to continue using SCM modules, I just wish I liked ancient world history more.Frown


    I am starting ancients for the first time next year.  I feel overwhelmed with regard to picking books.  I am very unfamiliar with this time period.  lol

    I need to start some planning so I’m prepared for our HS conference in April!


    I’m working on it….


    We school year round and our new year will start in June most likely.


    Sara B.

    We are “behind” so I haven’t even started thinking about it.  Normally, though, I’d have the itch by now to start looking and planning.  Ach, now you’re going to have me itching while I’m on vacation all next week!  😛


    Me, me, me! I’ll have a K and a 3rd grader. I’ve decided just about everything except language arts. I’ll probably be teaching both cursive and manuscript and haven’t decided which curriculum to use. I keep changing my mind on whether to do LA with my 3rd grader and what to use. Right now I’m thinking Ruth Heller and Brian Cleary books and some living books on punctuation. I’m leaning toward a CM reading program for the K, but since she’s language delayed but seemingly high functioning, I’m wondering if phonics would be better or if I should wait until 1st grade. And I haven’t decided which books to use for literature. We’ll probably do that on a book by book basis as we go along. I’ll need something else for Spanish once we finish Salsa Spanish (we’re doing it every 3-4 days). But Bible, geography, science, poetry, artist/composer study, math, and character are all set.


    Christine Kaiser

    I think I will stick mostly with what we do right now in our first year with DD being in 1 st Grade. Next school year my son will join us and he will be the first grader. 

    Math: stick with MUS

    Reading, LA: Pathway readers and Workbooks

    History/ Bible/Geography: Module 2

    Science: stick with 106 DOCS, since we started late with it this year

    NS: Outdoor challenges

    Character study: Goops and bible verses about character 

    Foreign language: German  (I am native speakerand have tons of books and audios)

    This year we completly negolected American History but I already have some books and try pushing myself more next year. But I am fairly new to this country so  American History seems like this huge “blob” I have to tackle to meEmbarassed.

    I still have to put together composers, artists, poets, art and handicraft ideas. I had handicrafts planned out this year but we always ended up doing other things, so I may “just go with the flow” on this one. Same for literature, I scheduled several books my DD wasn’t interested in at all and she ended up picking different books (still within a long list of literature choices).

    I will keep an eye on what you ladies plan to do next year to get more ideas, and hopefully we will attend our first HS conference in MaySmile.




    I was just looking today! I am so very pleased with the Curriculum Guide, that I’ll be sticking to it again next year. I will have a 7yo and an 8 1/2 yo.

    History/Geo/Bible: Module 3

    Science: Apologia…undecided on which one though. We are doing Astronomy now and loving it. Maybe Botany?

    Literature: Chronicles of Narnia

    Pic Study/Composer Study: as suggested in Curriculum Guide

    Grammar: EFFTC, vol 1 for dd7, Simply Grammar for ds8

    Poetry: ??

    Personal Development: continue with 21 Rules of This House and something else?

    Reading: Pathway series for both

    Copywork: continue cursive (we just started cursive, so we’ll have one more year of practice until we begin Book of Mottoes for both)

    Math: MUS finish Alpha, then on to Beta for dd, Gamma for ds

    Foreign Language: we have really slacked on this this year. We started ALS last year and loved it. This year just got a few kinks thrown into it, and we haven’t been able to pick it back up.

    I’m also going to assign reading with narrations to my ds for the first time next year, or possibly toward the second half of this current year.


    This is our first year hs’ing, and we are a bit behind, but I will just finish up over the summer. The plan is to continue following SCM pretty closely. We’ll do Module 2 for history, 2nd grade lit., etc. I am not sure about science yet. We are doing 106 days now. I like the idea of having a science curriculum, but I am adding a kindergartner next year, so I may go with something simpler like just nature study with nature books. We will continue MUS for math. For art and music study we’ll follow the SCM curr. guide.

    Do y’all do Shakespeare every other year as suggested?


    Yes! We had a lot of fun with A Midsummer Night’s Dream last year!


    Lindsey, what did you like about Apologia? Thanks!


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