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    Has anyone used Simply Grammar by Karen Anderola?  Do you like it? Did you do it all orally?  How often in a week did you do lessons?  Have you done as Catherine Levison suggests, going through it 3 different times spaced out?  Is this all the grammar you have taught your child or did you do something harder in high school? 

    Thanks in advance, Dawn


    I am using Simply Grammar now with my daughter (age 12) and we both really like it. We tried another grammar book before this one (a more traditional textbook style) and we both disliked it. Simply Grammar simply works better for us. For people used to CM, the book will be easy to use. We’re working through the book orally, and we do it 2-3x/week, alternating with Sonya’s dictation lessons (which we also love…thank you, Sonya!). I’m not sure where we’ll head in terms of grammar for high school.


    I’m using it this year as well.  Initially I was going to have my 12 yr old dd do it alone but she was frustrated with it.  So I worked it into our schedule as part of “family time” and I do it orally with all 3 girls listening, but with my main focus on my 10 and 12 yr old daughters.  This time around, doing it orally, my oldest daughter picked up the ideas with no trouble and actually enjoyed it.  We do it once a week and I am planning to go through it 3 times, based on Levison’s advice.

    I don’t know about eventually using anything harder.  I graduated high school without knowing what a verb was, so I’m sure my girls will at least do better than that. Smile


    I am using this as well this year with my 13 year old. We are doing a little different however. I am having her write out the sentences to work on her handwriting skills at the same time. Mary does seem to do well with it and it she is making good progress with her handwriting at the same time. I highly recommend it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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