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    This forum has been rather quiet, but i love reading it so I have a few minutes to share. We have been homeschooling for 7 years and currently have 3 of our 5 children in school. The 3 yr old loves to “do school” too though:) We are as eclectic, but incorporate many ideas from Charlotte Mason.

    Together we are doing these

    -Genesis through Dueteronomy and Ancient Greece for Bible and History

    -on non Bible says we read Little Visits With God an older children’s devotion my mother in law have US

    – laying down the rails

    -visits to Asia with occasional add ins from operation world resources or a missionary biography

    -Frederick Remmington art for children by Raboff

    -Emily Dickinsons poems from SCM

    -singing the great hymns SCM

    -Bible verse cards from SCM

    -I have grand plans to add in Speaking Spanish with miss Mason and Elementary Geography but I’m not sure about time

    My oldest is 11 he is a very responsible boy, but does not love school. He would rather be doing farm or yard work.

    He is using RightStart level G. It is going well. This math is a great fit for him. He has mostly used it all the way through. He is using All About Spelling. This is the only spelling program that seems to help him spell at all. He is reading several landmark books and book about the pony express by Ralph Moody for American History about 2 or 3 days a week. I require no output from these at all. Partly because I don’t have the time. His oral narration skills are good, his written one’s are struggling along. He uses Language Lessons for Today 6. He has mostly used these all the way through with a pause for Abeka language in 3rd. I am planning to add in written narration for Joshua through Dueteronomy and Greece for him and his sister in 4th as well. He tried Jack’s Insects and seriously hated the story element of it. He wanted more information about the insects. We switched to Apologia Flying Creatures with the journal and he is really liking it so far. He did the new grade 4-6 days of creation science course from SCM last year and did very well with it. He reads literature books I hand him. I may give him an old Abeka Anthology to round out the year too. He is currently reading Gone Away Lake for literature and loving it. No output here either. He is reading the Young Citizens Reader 1x a week as well. Supposedly this has an oral narration. Some days this happens. He adds to his book of centuries 1x a week, does Art with Feed my Sheep about 1x a week, piano lessons, some “school time” with a younger sibling each day. I am planning to add in Hey Andrew Greek and Classical Composition from Memoria press and have not found the time yet.

    We do nature study drawing when I can, but have made attention to nature a family culture. We currently have 2 hummingbirds using our feeder on their way South. At least we assume they are passing through. We hope the come back next year. We also have a monarch chrysalis that we hope makes it. It got so chilly here this week. We had a Sphinx moth caterpiller earlier in the summer. Did you know they dig in the dirt to make their cocoon? They take like 2 weeks to emerge as well. My younger son loves insects and amphibians and reptiles….he is forever showig us a cicada shedding its skin or a praying mantis or a cool different tree frog or something else. They take like 2 weeks to emerge as well We have a garden and are currently canning tomatoes. I found a good ketchup recipe.


    I will come back later and tell about 1st and 4th grades here. Blessings all!


    Hi Ruralmama, your right, the forum has been quiet. I have been trying to simplify and do more of the things that matter. Cut what is important and just spend more time doing life with my family. My school kids are older, 8th and 11th grade, with one I graduated in June. My graduate is taking a gap year to work, get his license and buy a car. Then maybe a trade school. My younger two are doing the following:

    Family subjects:

    Early Modern and Epistles

    Apologetics – reading Cold Case Christianity and then?

    Latin – when I feel like it with book after Getting Started by the same aunor, camt remember what its callsd

    Literature – reading for enjoyment together, no plan, just whatever strikes us

    Poetry – Longefellow

    Composer – this may fall away and we may just listen to whatever we want during drawing time

    drawing – youtube videos

    Artist – SCM Artist studies, Gainsborough this term

    IEW Narnia working through the parts I like and leaving what I don’t like

    8th grader:

    Saxon Math 7/6

    Analytical Grammar

    SW/ULW 2

    Physical Science with coop

    History and literature readings

    It Couldnt Just Happen

    11th Grader:

    Algebra 1 MUS

    Analytical Grammar

    Keep a Commonplace

    Pre Med – Master Books

    History and Literature reading

    Knowledge of the Holy

    Government – Constitution Alive – Wallbuilders

    I think that is about it. We are trying to enjoy the time more his year. I am letting them read more of their choices for Literature since my goal is to graduate readers and not to cram the “right” books in them.


    Hi again here is my 1st grade boys individual work.

    Abeka phonics and language and cursive 1

    We don’t do it all, but he likes the materials and the workbook gives him practice when I am helping his 4 siblings. It is going super well. The phonics are just right and the stories are nice and safe:)

    We may add in some copybook reader once he reads better

    1st Grade Math with Confidence

    We used RightStart A last year and I really like that book. The lessons in B were taking forever earlier this year so we switched. These seem just right and the workbook gives him some on his own work that I need and he likes. I love the number writing practice spread throughout this series in kindergarten and 1st.

    Pond and Stream Companion

    I already had all the books and this boy loves amphibians, reptiles and insects so it is a great fit.


    Here is Girl 9.

    Using Language Well and Spelling Wisdom book 1 part 2.We just switched to this and it is going well. It seems that she is noticing spellings on her own better. She can handle the whole dictation with only 1 misspelling and a few grammar prompts.

    RightStart E The lessons drag sometimes, but I do like this math curriculum. I have taught it 1x before so that helps.

    Botany from Apologia. She loves this book. She picked it and loves all the hands on activities and the notebook. We don’t do everything, but most of it. She reads it to herself which is sometimes a streach. For some reason I had shied away from Apologia, but it is a really good fit for 2 this year.

    Notgrass Our American Story read aloud to her and younger brother. Again a textbook. I started out reading Beautiful feet Early America primary to the 1st grader and having this one read other living books, but it just was not right. She thought they were too hard and somehow I didn’t like the tone of several Beautiful feet selections….so here we are. We read chapter 2 today so far so good….They made clay bowls today….something these 2 love.

    Finishing up Hymns in prose to practice cursive.

    Literature is some book I pick for her to read to herself. Currently Charlotte Web. She loves it.

    Once a week she draws something in her history notebook from Old Testament, Greece or American History. She also has begun to keep a book of centuries.

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