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    Hi ladies! I can’t believe it’s mid August and this thread hasn’t been started yet! The title says it all! 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing what everyone is doing this year!




    YES!!! Here we go! This year I have a 7, 5, 3 and 6 month old! Woooo!

    Family subjects: All participate in Bible time. The rest of the family subjects are optional for 5 and under kiddos.


    Grapevine Studies-OT

    Devotional-Little Visits with God

    Apologetics- Apologia’s Young Defenders Series

    History: SCM Middle Ages **only using the history and Bible parts**

    History/Geography: BFB Around the World with Pic Books (China, Japan, Australia)

    Science: SCM’s Outdoor Secrets and Learning About Birds with Thornton Burgess

    Enrichment Vol 1

    IEW’s PAL-Reading (review for 7 yr old while she plays the games with 5 yr old brother)


    Individual Studies

    5 yr old:

    SCM Delightful Handwriting

    Continuing reading lessons with McGuffey Revised Primer

    Knowing him, he will tag along for some writing projects in Brave Writer Jot it Down!

    Singapore Earlybird Math K (love the hands-on approach to the math concepts)

    7 yr old:

    SCM Print to Cursive

    Continue with original McGuffey 1st reader for reading, spelling, copywork

    Various copywork including Brave Writer Quiver of Arrows: 1 per term

    Trumpet of the Swan

    Mr. Popper’s Penguins

    House at Pooh Corner

    Brave Writer Jot it Down! 1-2 writing projects per term

    Math: Singapore Primary Math 2

    I think that is all. This is our first CM year. SO THANKFUL for the SCM History and Enrichment guides! Looking forward to reading others’ plans!


    We are on our 5th week of school. And it seems to be going well.

    We are doing Ancient History this year. I divided it up into six 6 week segments, each one focusing on a different time/civilization. We are about to finish up with Egypt; then we plan to do Israel, China, Greece, Babylon and the Maccabees. We are taking time to learn about some of the languages (today, they wrote their names in heiroglyphics and learned about the Rosetta stone) along with history. We are trying to over the entire OT timeline and OT Bible geography, too. They are doing Scrapbooks with the history.

    Science is “Science in the Ancient World” and some Master Books (like The Weather Book and The Astronomy Book).

    LA’s aren’t very CM this year. They  are all doing Climbing to Good English and Pathway Readers. Spelling is R&S or Sequential Spelling (just made that adjustment after recommendations from you all!).

    Everyone is doing their own math. 1st grade is Learning with Numbers, 2nd is CLE, 4th is Study Time Math and 6th is Saxon.

    For Poetry, we are using Poems for Memorization and borrowing the Tea Time concept from A Modern Charlotte Mason. The kids are enjoying that.

    Our present Read Alouds are: Star of Light (literature) and an abridged version of Around the World in 80 days (World Geography — we are mapping his travels.) We are slowly reading through Geography A-Z with this.

    And, I found a copy of Story Starters for $5 so we are working on that to get some creative writing in.

    We’ve been using “A Book of Common Courtesy” for habits. But I think I might go back to LDTR4C.

    So far, so good with little tweaks.



    Here’s what I have:

    11th grade – TT Algebra 2, CM-style literature and composition, finish Notgrass Exploring World History, Abeka Geography, Pacworks Chemistry and Chem 101 DVD, Old Testament, Speech & Public Speaking from 7Sisters

    9th grade – TT Algebra 1, CM-style lit & comp, Notgrass Exploring World History Part 1, Apologia Biology, French and computer science online

    7th grade – TT 7, LLATL Green, narrations etc. across curriculum, Canadian geography, SOTW 4, The World of Plants, French and various logic puzzles

    5th grade – TT 5, Language Lessons for Today, R&S Spelling, narrations etc. across curriculum, typing, SOTW 4, Apologia Astronomy, Logic Countdown

    K – Progressive Phonics, ETC 1, various colourful math workbooks, HWT K and we’ll see how far she gets.



    I have question :

    7th grade – TT 7, LLATL Green, narrations etc. across curriculum, Canadian geography, SOTW 4, The World of Plants, French and various logic puzzles

    I am starting second grade with my son who is dyslexic and I am doing pre-algebra with Math U See, was wondering about Apologia for general science but I am undecided on it, Latin, French and for English Speeling wisdom book 3…..

    I guess I am looking for other idea




    What is TT7 ?

    LLATL Green ?

    SOTW4 ?



    We’re halfway through Ambleside Online Year 3. Doing Tchaikovsky for composer study, Kandinsky for picture study, Visits to North America for geography. My son is reading Door in the Wall for free reading.


    My oldest is full time again this year finishing her AA degree & high school graduation. So crazy to have a senior?! + golf, youth group, youth commission, volunteer with the homeless, maybe piano?

    My other kiddo has the following planned …

    • Algebra 1 finish up, roll in to Algebra 2
    • English – designed a course around the book “How to Read Literature Like a Professor”
    • American Government – at co-op, but I’m teaching using the We the People text in a CMy way
    • Tri-Sci – going back to the three sciences a year for three years Biology/Chemistry/Physics; probably using a text for Biology (AMSCO), literature for Chemistry, a text for Physics (CPO)
    • World Cultures & Geography – at co-op but I am teaching and I designed a course around ideas from Harmony Art Mom and others
    • FLVS Spanish 2
    • FLVS Driver’s Ed
    • Fine Arts – designed a course that can be done in the car during travel to and from whatever
    • Composition – essay writing from his literature; basically part of above English but I set aside an hour a week officially to work on it
    • Book Discussion Group – just for fun at co-op
    • Nerf Physics – just for fun at co-op, but ties in with our Science plans nicely; my kid’s designing it and I’m facilitating it

    + lacrosse, choir, youth group, volunteer with the homeless, guitar



    What is TT7 ?

    LLATL Green ?

    SOTW4 ?


    Sorry! Teaching Textbooks 7 (math), Learning Language Arts Through Literature the Green Book, and Story of the World 4.


    Looks like everyone has some great plans! Lots of variety here.

    My daughter is in 11th grade and we school year round so she’s already well into some of her subjects for this year. We are using:

    Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 (LOVE!!!!)

    Math U See Stewardship

    Home designed history using living books. We will throw in economic books and government books here and there so that those topics are covered as well.

    SCM’s Visits to Asia for geography

    Home designed English that includes classics, poetry, writing across the curriculum and using a bit of The Power In Your Hands here and there for more direct instruction

    Apologia Marine Biology  for science. We have 2 years to complete this as she only needs one more science credit. We were given an excellent, lab quality microscope so I have ordered the slides that go with the course. We are looking forward to finally being able to work with a decent microscope!

    For Christian studies, we are reading Streams in the Desert, a Bible study from our church, daily Bible reading and our tweaked version of the SCM scripture memory system.

    Duolingo German with German Demystified and German in 10 minutes a Day

    She knits, crochets, pains and draws constantly and we take daily walks for P.E. We visit nature parks and zoos as often as possible and she enjoys painting and drawing plants and animals but doesn’t keep a formal nature notebook. We listen to classical music and enjoy beautiful art but don’t do formal picture study or composer study. She has requested a picture frame for her room so that she can display and  change out pictures from our SCM picture portfolio of Turner as he is her favorite of those we have studied formally.



    Melanie, I am so glad to hear how much you like TT. After our failed attempt at MUS algebra 2 last year, I’m really hoping TT will do the trick for my son this year.


    Erin- she is almost halfway through and it has been a life saver so far.

    We, too tried MUS algebra 2 before switching to TT. Admittedly, we didn’t give it much of a try but enough to know that it wasn’t what we wanted to use this year.

    I’m glad we used MUS for geometry but am so glad we made the switch to TT for algebra 2.

    I hope it works as well for your son as it has for my daughter!

    Sandra Wade

    This is week 2 for us.

    The 12th grader is taking a couple of dual enrollment classes at the local community college.  He is taking the rest through Liberty K-12 online.  (I assigned a few CM style subjects for the last two years.  He does better when he has deadlines set by others.  But that’s a whole ‘nuther subject. 🙂 )

    The others are in 10th, 8th, & 6th.

    Together:  Mason’s Living Language recommendations for Spanish, SCM Picture study (Cassatt, da Vinci, Giotto), SCM Composers (Bach, Beethoven), English from the Roots Up, Geography Through Art, Scripture Memory, SCM Poetry (Oliver Wendell Holmes), Paper Sloyd (maybe), Hymn Study/Folk Songs, Shakespeare SCM The Taming of the Shrew

    10th grade:  SCM Modern Times History/Bible/Geography, Math Without Borders Algebra II, Friendly Biology, Rod & Staff Grammar 8, Rod & Staff Keyboarding, Literature various, Spelling Wisdom Book 4.

    8th grade: SCM Middle Ages Hx/Bible/Geography, Rod & Staff Math 7, Guest Hollow Botany, Rod & Staff Grammar 6, Literature various, Spelling Wisdom Book 2.

    6th grade:  SCM Middle Ages Hx/Bible/Geography, Rod & Staff Math 7, Guest Hollow Botany, Rod & Staff Grammar 4, Literature various, Spelling Wisdom Book 1.


    I’m down to the last of five kiddos this year, so having only one to homeschool is something new to me.  Our youngest is in 7th grade this year.

    Our “Morning Basket” includes Bible, poetry, Life of Fred, Hymn Study, sketching/painting lessons, Composer study, and picture study on a rotating schedule.


    Revised Common Letionary, oral narration

    AO Poetry Anthology, we somehow missed this one and want to use it simply to read a silly poem after some harder poetry left us dry last year.  We’ll read the poem that corresponds to the month’s date.

    SCM hymn study using their beautiful resource.

    John Muir Law’s website lessons for sketching/painting.

    Meet the Great Composers, Volumes 1 & 2 will be used for composers study.  I wrote a two year plan ordering the composers in both volumes by birth year last year, so we will finish that study this year together.

    AO for picture study.

    Daily Studies:

    TT Math 7

    History-A Gentle Tour through Texas History (CM style units).

    Mission Monde French

    AVKO Spelling

    Geography-BF Hollings Geography books.

    Science- Various living books, written narration similar to what Melissa posted a while back.

    Tea Time will find one, or more of these on a rotating schedule:

    Ourselves, Penny Candy, State Government discussions, and Mom’s read aloud time.

    Literature is a list of living books with written narrations.

    Piano and guitar lessons will happen weekly and we are considering the addition of 4-H.

    Blessings on your learning adventures!



    We are using Memoria Press this year, so it’s a bit of a jump from mostly CM.  My kids thrive with their materials and we’ve used them here and there over the years.  I have them split into two groups, so we are using 2 of their core programs, with a few changes.  I like that we are still learning as a group, but I can tailor it more to their levels.  We still have a family read aloud together in the evenings.

    We started a few weeks ago and it’s going great!  The Dorothy Mills books are excellent and my younger ones are enjoying Daulaires’ Greek Myths.  They also love Latin.  My older two are currently reading Treasure Island and my younger ones, Farmer Boy.

    We are also continuing with a small CM co-op.  So that will add Shakespeare, Plutarch, picture study, singing, folk dance/drill, and recitation.  I have Artistic Pursuits ready for art instruction which they are  very excited about.

    I’m hoping to add a piano sometime soon.  We all really miss having one in the house.  It may be their Christmas present this year.

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