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    I have been memorizing scripture for over 20 years, and I wanted to help any of you who are having a difficult time with the scripture memory index system.  The index cards are great.  We have simplified the system. We have only 3 categories: Daily, Learned, and Future.  The Daily divider is in the front.  We go over those every day. The Learned divider is for everything we’ve already memorized. You’ll know when to move a card to the Learned section. You’ll have it well memorized, and you’ll be tired of saying it. We go over our Daily cards first, then I grab a chunk of the Learned cards from the front by the tab.  After we go over them, I put them in the back of the stack.

    This way,  if you don’t do them every day, it’s no problem. …if you do run into cards from the Learned section and they’re rusty (you don’t remember them completely), just move them into the Daily section for a while.

    I print out all of the scripture memory verse cards for the coming year from the curriculum guide and put them in the Future section, so they’re ready to go when we’re ready for a new verse.

    To help my kids memorize them more easily and quickly, and to keep them in their memory longer, I make up songs, and use picture associations.  We’ve done through Verse Pack 6.  Here are some of my songs and pictures.  Other verses we just said over and over until we had them memorized.  Hope this helps.  Be encouraged!  This is priceless stuff!  Enjoy!

    Here’s the link to my scripture memory mnemonics:


    Thanks for sharing Marilyn!

    I’ve tweaked the SCM scripture memory system as well. Here, we use colored index cards. We keep the current card that we are memorizing in front and after that, we review one card from each color. I think we have 8 different colors so we study the new one each day and then review 8 other scriptures that we’ve already memorized.

    I’m so thankful for the SCM scripture memory system! We have memorized tons of scripture this past year, and what’s more, is that we are actually retaining it! It has been such a blessing to my daughter and myself. 🙂



    Thank you Marilyn.  We do miss days and do not do weekends and this seems simpler to just read a group of them and rotate it back.  So glad I read this!


    Thank you Marilyn. This is a wonderful help. So simple and sweet. You are such a blessing!

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