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    We will be starting AO curriculum years 2 and 7 hopefully in a few weeks. I want to follow their weekly schedule, but could use some help keeping track of what we’ve done, particularlly when we need to reschedule readings, etc. I am curious about how other AO users have used the SCM organizer and if they’ve been happy with it.



    When I moved over here from Ambleside, I brought my favorite AO books but quit using their weekly schedules and put my books into the Organizer.

    About the only hint I could give, when I was thinking what I wanted to do, was instead of using a book according to the chapter divisions, I thought of retyping each book and using the AO reading page divisions instead. But that seemed like so much extra work, I just scheduled my books straight into the Organizer instead, and gave up the AO weekly schedules, and that has worked better for us. I hope someone with more experience will help you!

    The one thing I never could figure out how to usefully do here on the Organizer was what to do with the AO books that just popped up once every few weeks, like Parables of Nature. Never could wrap my head around what to do.

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    Rachel White

    When I have a resource that I use periodically or not on any particu;lar day, I still put it into the Organizer. I put it in, then schedule on some random day. If I come upon that day and don’t plan on using it,, I just push the triangle next to the resource and it idsappears and “deschedules” for that day. On the other hand, if on another day I want to use it, I just push the triangle next to it and the schedule appears! So then I print out the daily schedule and it’s on it.



    Most of the books are read every week, so that’s easy. But for ones that are read every other week or so, you could:

    a) read them in consecutive weeks anyway

    b) schedule the resource, then schedule the chapters individually. That is, choose only Chapter 1 and say start on July 1st. Then save. Then return to that book and choose only Chapter 4, for instance. This will take a bit more time, but will allow you to stick more closely to the schedule.

    I personally don’t use the schedule, but just the booklists from AO. I use the schedule as a guide, tho, to let me know how often a resource should be scheduled.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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