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    Good day all, I am hoping for input from some of you all that have used the SCM History Guides. I have used parts of 2 different modules, and while I enjoyed them I wanted more activities and switched mid module. Now my kiddos are older and I dont feel the need for activities so I plan to switch back next year. My dilemma is how to plan the sequence. I will be doing them with a 6th and 9th grader. I have to get to modules 5 and 6 for high school graduation requirements. So while I love the relaxed pace of a 6 year cycle it just isnt practical. We are finishing up modern times now, so the obvious place to start would be Gen – Deut. My question is would it make more sense to try to do two modules a year? Is that possible? If I did Bible and History every day instead of breaking them up? It also seems to me some of those books could double as literature –  Cat of Bubastes, Homer.  Or does it make more sense to skip the first two? I dont really want to skip, but I have to meet our graduation requirements. And I really want to keep my two younger  kids together. This year I let my oldest do his own thing and I regret it a bit. He is in a different history era now and it makes family subjects a little funky. Any wonderful ideas?  My idea was:

    9th Module 1 and 2

    10th Module 3 and 4

    11th Module 5

    12th Module 6

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