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    Hello!  We are preparing to move and it’s time to clean out any curriculum we are finished enjoying.  Prices below DO INCLUDE  shipping. I would welcome other price offers if you feel that any of these aren’t reasonable. Everything listed is in like-new condition except some very minor pencil markings in the history guides. Please email Kate at singing 2 hymn at gmail dot com (no spaces) if interested.  Happy studying!


    Matthew-Acts & Ancient Rome History guide: $20

    The Story of the Romans (original Guerber edition): $10

    The Stuff They Left Behind- Rome: $15

    (An Ancient Rome package could include the three items above for $40 if all are still available.)


    Genesis-Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt History guide: $20

    Ancient Egypt and her Neighbors: $10

    Ancient Egypt and her Neighbors Narration Notecards: $5

    The Stuff They Left Behind- Egypt: $15

    Exodus Commentary for Children: $10

    Leviticus Commentary for Children: $10

    (An Ancient Egypt package could include the five items above for $60 if all are still available or for $75 in you wish to include the two items listed below)

    Letters from Egypt: $15

    The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: $7.50


    Visits to Africa (2 copies): $15 per copy

    Then & Now Bible Maps: $10

    (A Geography package could include the three items listed above for $35 or for $20 for only one copy of Visits to Africa, if desired items are still available)




    I also have several science units from The Good and the Beautiful available, if anyone is interested. All are in *excellent* condition.


    -TGATB Arthropods + book pack

    -TGATB Water & Our World + book pack

    -TGATB Space Science + book pack

    -TGATB Botany + book pack


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hello, are these still available? Is there a price for all of them?</p>


    Lilmsfitz- which items are you referring to exactly? TGATB Space Science and the SCM Geography materials are sold but everything else is still available.



    I’m interested in Exodus commentary for children and Leviticus, do you also have the Numbers commentary?

    Is TGATB Botany available?

    Any other SCM science or Ancient Egypt materials for sale?

    You can email me at if that is easier.



    I have listed the science units from TGATB on Facebook for the following prices, which include shipping.  I’m open to other offers, but keep in mind that if someone places an order on Facebook, it can be done without my knowledge until after the fact, so if that happens before we finalize anything here, then I do apologize!


    – Water and Our World + Book Pack: $35

    (Includes original unit in shrink wrap, as well as the book pack and 7th-8th grade supplement. I can email the PDF download; was $47 + shipping new from TGATB)

    – Botany + Book Pack: $50

    (Includes original unit in shrink wrap, as well as book pack, 7th & 8th grade extension.  I can email the PDF download that accompanies it; was $69 + shipping new from TGATB)

    – Arthropods + Book Pack: $70

    (Already prepped! Includes unit in page protectors in a binder.  Science wall cards, images for display, and mini-books are pre-cut, laminated, and in poly envelopes in the binder.  Also includes the book pack, Q&A book for 7th-8th graders, and the nature reader; was $66 + shipping from TGATB.)


    I’d like the the Genesis-Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt History guide and both commentaries if still available, please. My email is


    Hi Emily- I actually no longer have any of the curriculum I was selling. I’m all cleaned out! Sorry!

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