SCM Booklist by author?

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    I found a great booklist on here in an acrobat reader form that is by modules, buI was just wondering if anyone had a booklist organized by author for SCM?  Our city doesn’t do library sales but there are two in close cities coming up and I was trying to plan my trip.  I was thinking it would much easier to have an author list than a title list for quicker searching at the sale.  Thanks!


    I made the module lists in numbers akin to excel. I can email those I’ve finished to you if you pm me. Let me know if you want them in numbers or excel. Also, my master booklist  (ao, hifi, hfch) that I shared here can be emailed in either format. The benefit is that you can sort according to whatever you choose.



    Christie, thank you for the reply, I PM’d you but since I’m new on this website I’m not sure I did it correctly, let me know if you didn’t get the PM, thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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