Scheduling the homeschool year with the 4 days a week schedule

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  • Amy Guzman

    Please help. I am a little confused starting my first year. I planned on using the 4 day a week schedule with one day off a week. I read that a term is either 12 weeks or 60 days. 12 weeks would not be 60 days with the 4-day one day off schedule, so if I am calculating this right, I would have to have 15 weeks a term if I choose to do three terms. Is this correct? For anyone else doing this schedule please share how u divide it up through the year. Thanks a lot Amy


    We always did 4 days a week. I would just take one day and spread those items out over the other four days. It kinda depends on the guide, but I would either schedule Bible and History on some or all of the days. For guides with one day Bible/geography I would add the Bible/geo on to the other days. For example do geography with one History day and Bible with another history day. It was usually doable. There are also catch up and exam days at the end of each term that help cushion a little. For enrichment I would just spread out one the days over the other four. Lang arts is pretty easy peasy since its only two days. Science depends on the grade I guess, I often would skip reviews or tests or just be ok not finishing the book. Math is a little harder, we were always behind! You could double up a day or finish into the summer.


    4 days a week here, and definitely depends on the guide and your preferences.

    • Genesis -Deuteronomy / Ancient Egypt, we combined two days
    • Joshua – Malachi / Ancient Greece, we moved one of the History days up with a Bible Day
    • Matthew -Acts / Ancient Rome, we split up the day 3 and put History with one of the Bible days and geography with one of the Bible days.
    • Middle Age, Early Modern and Modern Times, we moved Bible to Mondays and Geography to Tuesdays

    This has worked well for us over the years.

    (We have a 21 year old and 19 year old, both graduated now, and a rising 5th grader and 7th grader)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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