Saxon 8/7 now, what about next year?

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    I have a 13yo son who is about three-fourths of the way through Saxon 8/7 (we just started hsing last year so we are still plodding through this book, trying not to rush). He says that he “hates math” but he manages. I’m wondering if Life of Fred (I don’t know a thing about it) might be a good option for next year for Algebra 1. I didna quick search and it looks like tet recommend taking Life of Fred pre-algebra 2 with Economics prior to taking LOF Algebra 1 if jumping in from another program.

    I have also considered signing him up for online classes for high school math–maybe with Freedom Project or Math U See.

    We have six kids (he is the oldest, youngest is 2) and when he is struggling with a problem it is hard for me to devote time to making sure that he gets it without getting frustrated myself at having to relearn things I haven’t thought about in twenty years. The other day we spent the whole 45 minutes on one concept and problem!

    Any tips will be appreciated!


    I’m planning to use DIVE math next year for my daughter who’ll be using Saxon 87.  Dr. Shorman teaches the lesson (on DVD or streamed), then the student completes the assignments, grades herself, and emails Dr. Shorman with questions.

    Dr. Shorman has his own math curriculum for after Saxon 87 or you can continue with Saxon.   I’ve contacted the people there with various questions and they’ve been very nice.


    My vote from your choices would be Math U See online.  Life of Fred is fine,  but some kids don’t like it,  and you would have to field questions. See if your local library has it to try it. My kids like to read Life of Fred,  but use Math U See or Videotext as their curriculum.




    Thank you for these suggestions!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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