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    Does anyone have any experience with Sabbath Mood Science Guides?

    I am specifically looking at Biology and form 3, but I am interested in all experiences.

    Thank you!


    Hi! We are using sabbath mood homeschool biology guide this year. They are brand new so whoever is using them can’t be too far into it.. My daughter just completed lesson 3.  So far we are very impressed!  They are laid out well, IMO the spine book is really engaging yet provides a lot of information. Flipping through the guide I am liking all of her discussion prompts, relatively simple activities and well chose additional books. I spent a lot of time reading Nicole’s blog and listening to the Delightful Education podcasts on science over the summer as I was choosing science books and curriculum and so far am feeling that smh biology is the perfect fit for us!

    if you have any specific questions let me know!


    We are using both the biology and astronomy guides for middle school.  I too believe they are very well done.  Nicole is a friend of mine (we live fairly close and are in the same CM group.)  She has really gone the extra mile in giving us science guides that follow Charlotte’s principles, meaty yet living.  It’s a difficult balance in this techy age and I think she’s done a fabulous job.


    Thank you RobinP and lettucepatchkids!

    I was going to DIY a biology curriculum, but I was focusing so much on facts, that I was losing her (my daughter’s ) interest as well as my own.

    I want her to have a firm grounding in scientific principals but I also want her to be inquisitive and have wonder.  I am pretty clueless on how to cultivate this in her.  I am hoping for something to cultivate these (or guide ME to help her).


    RobinP, since this thread is old I would have sent you a PM, but I couldn’t figure out how. Maybe this question will help someone else, though.

    I am looking for science for my daughter next year who will be in 8th grade. Right now she is attending a tutorial that she hates. They use text books, and I hear the teacher is not great. I’ve looked at other tutorials, but we just don’t feel led to pursue them. (One uses AIG, but the class is 2 hours long!)

    Yesterday my daughter told me she wants to take astronomy. She did Apologia’s astronomy in 3rd grade and loved it, but she says she has forgotten a lot of it now. I got to looking at Sabbath Mood’s form 3-4 science and was intrigued. My daughter is a musician and thinks it is awesome that the curriculum encourages listening to Holst’s music on the planets. I listened to a sample of the book that is used, and it really peaked my interest.

    I tried to find more info, and there was a YouTube video on the author of the book talking about it in great detail. There were a couple of things that made me pause. First, the author, Dava Sobel, seems quite progressive. She was speaking in California, so she felt she had more freedom to do so. She also said that she focused the chapter on Jupiter about astrology. I was concerned that the book would be strongly secular as opposed to pointing to Creator God.

    I did read read the section on Sabbath Mood’s website about science books and Christianity, but without seeing specific lessons that address this I can’t really determine if this is what I want my daughter to do. I certainly don’t have a problem with my daughter knowing things from an historical point of view, but I want her to know TRUTH.

    So, can you help me flesh out these concerns and understand how these topics are addressed?


    I can’t answer your specific concerns about Sobel’s book, but you might take a look at Signs and Seasons astronomy course at



    The Planets takes an old earth stance.  Not every chapter of the book is assigned in the teacher’s guide…I can’t remember if Jupiter was covered.  The gods are mentioned, but not in a way that bothered me.  For Mercury, I remember it describing why the planet Mercury was named after that specific god.

    We really enjoyed Signs and Seasons if you are looking for more creationist based.  It comes with a field guide to make it worthy of a high school credit.


    I looked into middle school biology from Sabbath Mood and first borrowed from the library the spine text Men, Microscopes, and Living Things from 1955 by Katherine B. Shippen.  As I suspected, it contained evolution and Darwin. You can read more on book selection here:

    I decided to use creation based Apologia science instead.  We use CM methods of oral narrations and a science notebook with it.  Didn’t Charlotte Mason use textbooks in the upper grades?


    Thank you so much! I definitely am looking for a creationist point of view. I will look into other options. Thanks for the feedback!


    For Jr high astronomy, we used:

    Master Books’ Wonders of Creation series: The New Astronomy Book by Faulkner

    Find the Constellations by H A Rey (or The Stars by Rey)

    Destination: Moon by James Irwin, published by Master Books

    Johannes Kepler by John Hudson Timer

    Two other creation based astronomy books we have but did not use:

    Taking Back Astronomy by Lisle

    The Stargazer’ s Guide to the Night Sky by Lisle

    Both published by Master Books.

    We used oral and written narrations and charted the phases of the moon and studied the night sky.  We also assembled a planetary model.

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