Rightstart or MEP?

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    Erin.kate…..I bought a long flatt-ish rectangular plastic storage container (the kind that would fit under a bed)  at Wal-Mart for about $6.  Everything for Rightstart B except for the long part of the balance fits in it.  I just leave the balance unassembled with the base part of the balance and the weights in the storage container and the long part of the balance is tucked upright in the corner of a storage closet with our meter stick.  The container is slides neatly under our chalkboard/dry erase board easel, in the same room we do lessons.  I don’t think the balance is used for many of the lessons, so its fine for me being stored away separately.    


    ibkim2, Thank you for the idea. We school in our dining room (our kitchen table) so I don’t have a space for storage like that, and all of our beds have underbed boxes. Lol. But, you got me thinking creatively about storage for it all. Thank you! I’ll mull it over. 🙂


    We’ve used MEP 2 and 3 and then did TT4 and now TT5 along with Life of Fred. I’m thinking of going back to MEP in 2013, and keep LOF as well. I realy like MEP for lots of resons and like anything it is what you make it to suit you. The only reason we changed was because I wanted ds10 to be more independent with Math. MEP is challengin for the parent to wade through the Teaching Plan but I think it can be done way more simply than I used to do it. I used to let it stress me out but now I would use it differently. Khan Academy has been helpful at times as well.

    Hey it’s quality and it’s free!Cool


    I love the idea of setting a timer for 30 mins even if we don’t finish the lesson. And I know we haven’t played the games as much. Suzkimom, I sent a request to see your schedule, hopefully I did that correctly. I may try the timer thing before I give up on right start. I haven’t looked at the right start yahoo group either, I’ll give that a look.

    As for storing the manipulatives we use one of those organizers used to store nails, screws, etc. I found it at a hardware store and I labeled all the drawers w my label maker.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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