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    I’ve noticed lots of people love RS math, but eventually transition into other curriculums.  I was curious at what level and to what curriculum people choose.  My 8 year old son has just about finished B and will be moving on to C.  Long story short… my 9 year old son just went through Singapore 2A really quickly and I’m debating on switching him to RS-D.  Or I could just keep him with Singapore.  He’s unfortunately been the victim of my curriculum swapping too many times already!


    We have used RSMath through level E for my daughter and level D for my son.  I recommend that you do not use RS for Geometry.  After this we switched to Teaching Textbooks and they placed in level 7 and 5.  I believe RS gives a great foundation and understanding, but it may be easier to leave your son in Singapore, as it is hard to switch curriculum so many times and RS uses the abacus, which may be a new concept for him.

    Hope this helps.


    Just curious, but why not use RS Geometry?


    And why not TT sooner?  Because of it’s lack of manipulatives?

    I’ve pretty much decided to stick with Singapore with him.  It’s his preference too.  I just really wanted RS to work for him because I love how it’s laid out for me as the teacher. Plus it would be nice to have for the boys coming up after him. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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