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    I too love MUS for all the same reasons already mentioned, but also because they really take the time to make numbers and math concepts REAL.  Better explanations as to why we “carry the 1” etc.  Emphasis on place value which helps so much!  My eldest is using Delta book and started with Beta while his younger brother started with Alpha.  So we were lucky that my eldest could “review” or get the hang of MUS approach with working along side his younger brother for the first bit.

    My kids like math (mostly…ha), and they really don’t need me to help them that often.  I’m there and we watch dvd together, but really they are independently doing math….so great….AND they rarely feel like they don’t understand or get questions wrong.  They are already doing “out in the real world” math in their heads too…i.e. estimating cost of items when we are out etc.

    So MUS is awesome for us!  I can really see how when they start doing algebra and trig they will be more successful because of the solid foundation that MUS helps to lay.



    Thanks Karen – that helps me tons – looks like Alpha it is…

    Misty and Marie, thanks as well.  MUS was something I was really excited about from the beginning, even before I had decided on CM – so it’s good to hear all of the positive reviews from other CM-ers!  Smile

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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