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    I am new here and super excited as we begin our homeschooling journey using the Charlotte Mason approach.  We began an official Kindergarten curriculum last year and started 1st grade, but after getting a vision for the Charlotte Mason approach we are going to change things up, which I think will be a breath of fresh air. I read that SCM recommends Right Start Level B for Grade 1. However, when I look at the Placement test for Right Start, it says that to enter Level B my son should know his addition facts to 10. He knows how to add, but we have never worked at memorizing the facts. He is 6 1/2 years old. I am wondering if Level A would be too easy for him or if it would be important to set a solid foundation of understanding concepts that will benefit him later. I am also worried that Level B will be too challenging for him since he doesn’t know these addition facts. However, Level B might be just what he needs at his age. At this point, I keep going back and forth and can’t make a decision. I would love any one’s thoughts. Thanks so much.


    We did 1st edition level B and the first about 40 lessons was from level A, so we just started at level B at a slower pace.  It is important they learn to see the quantity up to ten on the abacus, fingers, and sticks without counting them.  We played a lot of Go to the Dump for sums of ten, similar to Go Fish with pairs being the addends that make ten.  They have their abacus alongside of them while playing.


    I started my son in level B this year and he’s also 6 1/2. We had done no formal math before we started. For practicing facts, we try to play either a memory or going to the dumps game a few times a week. In the games book, I believe they only do 10s memory and going to the dumps, but I’ve been changing the sum to practice facts for 7, 8, and 9 as well. I think the games are key in right start for memorizing facts. I am amazed at how quickly he picks things up from the games. My almost 5 year old also loves playing the games “on my team” with me. Right start has been a blessing to us so far- my kids love math! Good luck on your journey.


    We use RightStart also, doing Level A during Kinder and now on Level B in first grade. If you have done the online placement test and really are unsure, RightStart does have a 60 day guarantee. If you order Level A and discover it is not the right level you could send it back.
    I order our next level each year on Cyber Monday when RightStart has amazing discounts on the lesson and workbooks. The manipulative set has not been on sale that I have seen.
    It is an excellent curriculum!


    Thanks so much for your thoughts!! It is really helpful to hear other’s experiences. I think I am going to go ahead and try out Level B. And good to know about their Cyber Monday sale!



    I love RightStart for PreK-3rd grade.

    First of all, the books keep their value, so you can get A and resell it if it is too easy or rush through A as a review and then move on to B.

    For most Kindergartners (who are actually 5 or 6 years old) I recommend Level B. They do spend time learning match facts to 10, but just not as much as in Level A. You can slow it down if you need but Level A would be too slow for most kids at that age.

    I would never recommend B for a 4 or young 5 because it quickly gets in to more advanced concepts.

    Don’t be afraid to take a full year or a year and a half to do Level B. It covers a whole lot of information that will help kids be more successful in years to come.

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