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  • jill smith

    Hi Richele,

    I am so excited to start this new Living Math! I do have question about where to start each one of my dds. They are 9&12. I know I wouldn’t start my 12 year old at the very begining. 🙂 She has struggled with her multiplication facts for 2 years. So do I go to Place value? Also, my dd that is 9 already knows how to write her numbers to 100 and has done adding single digits but I don’t believe they are concrete in her mind. Thanks for writing such a wonderful resource for all to enjoy. I just picked up the Ray’s New Primary today as well.



    Richele Baburina

    Hi Jill,

    It’s great to hear of your excitement!  You may take your children just a bit further back than you think they should be, seeing if they have truly grasped the ideas or are just working mechanically. Sometimes using a concrete object will open the idea up. Or it may be the act of making ten bundles and setting them to the left of the units that helps one make the connection of each number having its own place. Does this make sense?

    So, for your oldest daughter it might be going to the point of introducing multiplication as rapid addition and then making the tables as CM did, showing the reasoning behind the tables.  It may mean going back to place value to make sure the ground is secure under her feet and then heading through at a quick clip.  If she is understanding the “why” of multiplication then simply giving five or so minutes of mental work in the tables each day will secure the facts as well as help her gain the rapidity that will mean she isn’t bogged down when working in fractions, etc.

    Your younger daughter may benefit from making the coin purse, introducing money and place value.  You are right, you certainly don’t need to go back to those first lessons of introducing the idea behind the symbol of each number.

    When I began Charlotte’s methods in math with my oldest I took him back further than I thought he should be and then we basically ran through at a quick pace until I could see exactly where his understanding ended.

    I hope this helps.



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