recommendation for Currclick (or other) cursive copywork?

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    DITTO on LHP!! We love them here! And as Michelle said, products are for that price until Thursday. The author of the copywork is in need of dental work. They have no money to pay for it. So hence the great sale!! Please think of helping her.

    We have a lot of their products…don’t like that there is not enough space..but cannot recommend them enough!! 🙂


    my daughter started cursive but got frustrated. I think she needs something she can actually trace over first to get used to it. Do any of the copywork sites already listed have anything like that?


    Yes! LHP has some. Here is one cursive tracing

    We have done the manuscript one and my son enjoyed it! HTH


    Another possibility for tracing is called Pentime. You can get it at Rainbow Resource. If there is difficulty learning cursive letter formation, I like Pencil Pete software or the animations on Donna Young’s site.


    We have used both Pentime and LHP and really like them both!  We started with Pentime for the basic shapes, but then when my daughter got frustrated, we bought the LHP Floral Alphabet.  She loved it – plus when she got frustrated over her writing (first-born perfectionist), we just printed out another one for her.  Then she went back to Pentime feeling more confident.  Currently she likes the Pentime for the longer cursive passages to copy.

    I also bought the LHP crawly critters cursive for my son, but we haven’t started it yet.


    We use this: and love it.  It has many different writing styles.  We use the one with Abe Lincon on the cover.  They have samples to check it out.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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