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    I am 10 years into homeschooling and still trying to break free from the public school mindset. I am intent upon having my kids learn literary devices/analysis. Learning the terms and such that goes along with it. I bought them each a program to use this year, but upon reflection, I am not sure that’s the right way to go. I am trying to break free from using lots of workbooks.

    How do they learn these things while following the Charlotte Mason method?


    I use a book called Deconstructing Penguins as an introduction.  In highschool we Teaching the Classics method of Socratic questions, as we read and discuss selections of literature, some from the Christian Light Education texts.

    I also assign some classics, some for history class too.


    I used to stress over the same thing!  Honestly though, when I started reflecting on my own education (both in high school and college) I realized that the bulk of what I did was some form of discussion/narration.  We read assigned chapters of a book, discussed it as a group, and wrote a paper on an aspect of the novel.  This same model was even used in my honors English classes in college.  I’ve decided to focus more on making sure that my children can express their thoughts and think though the plot of a book rather than fill out workbooks with random questions on character analysis or symbolism. The CM approach to literature is much more meaningful IMO.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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